• What bin does cat litter go?

    Speaking of cat litter, as a must-have thing for cat owners, it brings great convenience to our pet-raising life. When we shovel the cat litter mixed with cat feces into the special cat litter pail and fill the whole refill, we can tie the refill and throw it in the trash bin. So the question is, do you know what type of waste cat...
  • How to deal with cat litter properly? Many cat owners ignore this

    In addition to feeding, massaging and playing with the cats every day, cat owners also have to clean up the cat's feces.How do you deal with cat litter with cat’s feces? Straight into the trash can? Or pour it into the toilet?As a matter of fact, these practices are all wrong. Cat droppings and cat urine, as highly leaking dirt, need to be dealt...
  • Usage detail of diaper pail refill

    In the last blog post, we mentioned the preliminary installation method of the diaper pail refills, and today's article will describe in detail how to deal with the diaper pail refill in the specific use process. Installation is only the first step. You won't be in a hurry to use it every day if you learn how to use it. If you want to operate diaper...
  • How to use diaper pail refills?

    Parents who have bought a diaper pail should know that the refills of the diaper pail is different from the ordinary garbage bag, unlike the ordinary garbage bag, as long as you put the diaper in and wait for it to be filled before throwing it away.Because it needs to match the function of the diaper pail and maximize the advantage of the diaper...
  • Where to Find Cheap Cat Litter Refills? Better Alternative to Litter Genie

    On Lionpapa's website, you can find cheaper cat litter refills of the same quality, while ensuring large capacity, odor isolation, good adaptation, easy to use and other excellent performance.
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