Dékor Classic vs Dékor Plus


The invention of diaper pails has saved millions of homes from the mess of stinky diapers.

Among the best seller diaper pails, Dékor diaper pails gain fans by the 100% hands-free design and reasonable prices.

They offer 3 types of diaper pails: mini, classic, and plus. The latter two are more popular.

If you are confused about which one to choose, this blog will give you a helping hand.


Dékor Diaper Pails Seal the Smell of Stinky Diapers

As used baby diapers contain feces, pee, and billions of germs, they stink quickly. Once you place it exposed in your room, the terrible smell fills the room in a few minutes.

As new parents, we make a concerted effort to reduce the odors and leave a comfortable environment for our dear baby.

Dékor diaper pails’ effective triple odor control keeps the smell in the pail.

Built-in ABS plastic, Dékor diaper pails don’t absorb odors and won’t scratch, dent or rust. They can be cleaned and sanitized with anti-bacterial household cleaners.

In addition, there is a button for hidden childproof locks that you can turn to lock the Odorkeeper Trap Door to keep curious ones out.


Dékor Diaper Pails Reduce Your Trips to the Trash

Babies need changing diapers quite frequently, after each feces or when the diaper contains enough pee.

Your baby needs 6 to 12 diapers in one day. It means that you have to come and go to the trash can 6 to 12 times within one day.

With a large capacity, Dékor diaper pails allow you to empty the pail once a week or longer, leaving you more time to spend with your baby.

Even on cold nights, there is no need for you to come out to throw the diaper or worry about the terrible smell if you keep the used diaper inside your home.


The Differences Between Dékor Classic and Dékor Plus


Dékor Classic holds up to 45 newborn diapers, while Dékor Plus is able to hold up to 60 diapers.


Plus has a more modern design and offers more colors for you to choose from: grey, soft blue, soft mint, soft pink, and white, making it easier to blend perfectly into every environment.
Classic offers you two classic colors: white and grey.


Plus costs $49.95 at least while $29.99 for Classic.
If your budget is limited, Classic may be the best option. But if you can afford Plus, you will have a better experience with the larger capacity.


Plus is excellent for use with cloth diapers.


Are There Any Generic Dékor Diaper Pail Refills?

Lionpapa diaper pail refill should be the best generic diaper pail refill on the market. Our Dékor diaper pail bags are 30% thicker than the original one, making them stronger and more durable.


Lionpapa Dékor diaper pail bags have quite reasonable prices, about 70% of the original pail bags.
$20.99 Lionpapa Dékor diaper pail bags (4-pack) vs. $29.98 Dékor Classic diaper pail bags ($26.99 for Plus).
And 8-pack Lionpapa Dékor diaper pail bags only cost $32.99.
Lionpapa aims to provide affordable products with high quality!

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