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About Product

Q: How long can this 4 pack diaper pail refills be used?


  • Lionpapa features 20 feet refill in each box, which can hold 270 cloth diaper easily.
  • Based on the frequency of changing diapers 10 times a day, this 4pack diaper pail refills can last about 4 months.


Q: Is it compatible with Munchkin diaper pail?

A: Yes, it is. And it also compatible for Playtex Diaper Genie Expression, Diaper Genie Complete, Diaper Genie II, Diaper Genie II Elite, Diaper Genie Essentials and Mini Diaper Genie pail.


Q: Are these diaper pail refills scented or unscented?

A: This diaper pail refill is tasteless.


Q: How to cancel the order?

A: Please contact us to e-mail if you want to lionpapa cancel the order.


Q: Does it have a line warning indicator when it is about to run out?

A: Sure, while you almost out of using that will show a line warning indicator.


About Shipping 

Q: Are all products free shipping?

A: Yes, If you buy any product at Lionpapa such as diaper pail refills, cat litter refills etc. we will provide free shipping service for you.

Q: I bought 12 diaper pail refills diaper today, when will these be shipped?

A: We will ship within 24 hours, If you have other circumstances, you can contact our customer service.


Q: When will I receive my order?

A: Your order will arrive in 7-9 days.


Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: The products at Lionpapa can be delivered to various regions in the United States, and not delivered to other countries.


Q: Is my return shipping free?


  • We will provide free return shipping if there is product quality problem.
  • Or if you have other special product problems, you could contact our customer service without hesitation, we will try our best to give you the best solution.


After sales

Q: I bought your diaper pail refills at Lionpapa, do you provide return service?

A: Lionpapa products come with on 30 days return service. If you want to learn more, Please visit:


About payment

Q: What payment methods are available?

A: Many payment methods will be available, you can refer to the following methods and credit cards are also accepted.

Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro etc.