How to Change Dékor Diaper Pail?


For parents-to-be, there must be a long shopping list for the coming baby.

As living conditions improve, parents tend to pay more attention to providing better material conditions for children.
Millions of baby products have poured into the markets. The array of choices is stunning.

Do all these products make sense? The answer is absolutely not. A large part of them is blind consumption cost.

However, you may mistake the diaper pail as one of them too because you may think it unnecessary to buy a trash can for diapers.

But the reality shows there is a need for new parents to buy diaper pails.
If you thought you could throw the used diapers into the garbage can in the yard, you would be totally wrong.

Is it possible for you to go out to throw the diapers at night for each diaper change?
Once you place it inside your home without any protection, the diaper will stink and your home will smell like a porta-potty.

In addition, since you have to dump the garbage cans once a week, the stinky diapers will make a mess. Believe me, you won’t endure the terrible smell.


Why Choose Dékor Diaper Pail?

Most diaper pails are affordable, among which Dékor diaper pail is the best budget one (according to the Very Well Family: The 6 Best Diaper Pails of 2022).

With the hands-free design, Dékor diaper pails allow users to open the top via a foot pedal with no bending, no twisting, and no squishing. And they offer 3 types: mini, classic, and plus for different capacities and several color options.

The Dékor diaper pails should go with their partner: diaper pail refill.

Lionpapa generic diaper pail refill should be the best option for you.
It costs only about 70% of the original refill and is 30% thicker than the original one.

Dékor diaper pails with Lionpapa generic diaper pail refill transmit dealing with diapers into an easy thing just like 1,2,3. You just have to step on the pedal, drop the used diaper and leave.

If you are going to buy a Dékor diaper pail, this blog will help you a lot.


How to Use Dékor Diaper Pail?

(1) Press the button at the top of the front face of your Dékor diaper pail and the head opens itself.

(2) Take out your Lionpapa refill bag which holds up to 1980 diapers for four packs.

(3) Do not remove the paper holding the liner right now. Slip carefully and place the liner refill between the inner and outer wall of the pail. It just slides in and now it’s the time to remove the paper. (For mini and classic, you have to move the ring out of the pail and place the refill bag, then put them back to the pail.)

(4) Pull out the inner area of the liner bag and push it through the middle of the pail. Then press the lid to close it.

(5) There is a white button at the middle of the left face of the pail. Push it down and open the door.

(6) Grasp the bag and push it down to the bottom of the pail. Tie a tight knot.

(7) Finally, close the door.

Besides, there is a knob next to the spring-loaded odor keeper trap door. You can turn it to lock the trap door to prevent your baby from putting her or his hands into the pail.


How to Empty/Change Dékor Diaper Pail?

(1) Press the white button and open the door.

(2) Pinch the bag a few inches, which can allow you to tie the knot, above the pile of diapers and shake it a little to consolidate diapers better. As the refill bag is not cheap, please make the best of every inch. Six inches is suggested for the knot.

(3) Take the bag over the cutting mechanism which has a small blade in it and all you have to do is pull it firmly and push it down to cut the bag.

(4) Tie the bag, take the bag out of the pail and then you have got the full bag.

(5) Pull the rest film several inches down and tie the end. Then grasp the knot and pull it to the bottom.

(6) Close the door.

Once the indicator line is exposed to you, it’s time to change the refill pack. It’s not as hard as you think. All you have to do is to remove the old pack from the pail and repeat the steps of using your Dékor diaper pail.

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