How Many Litter Box Per Cat for Multi-cat Family?


The role of cat litter is to give cat poop a suitable place, and then let the unpleasant smell lock in the cat litter as much as possible.

The reasonable choice of litter box and cat litter can effectively improve the home environment of cat owners.

In order to make it easier for everyone to use cat litter, let's talk about the problem of multi-cat family litter boxes today. If you have two or more cats, how many litter boxes do you think are suitable?

Can different cats share a litter box?

Multi-cat families only have one litter box, do you think it's okay? If you want to say no, it seems that this answer is not so absolute.

When several cats have deep feelings, live in harmony, and do not hate each other's poop ... Sharing a litter box for several cats might work?

But only if the litter box is big enough! Do you think the large litter box on the market right now is big enough?

If you want cats to share the litter box, do a simple calculation.

Without cleaning up, how many days does a cat need to excrete to make the litter box look dirty?

Judging from the feedback received on this issue, if the litter is not cleaned for three days, the inside of the litter box will become very dirty.

So, the same litter box, if you have three cats in your house, how many days will the litter box get dirty? One day! It's just a day!

If a multi-cat family has only one litter box, the environment in which the cat excretes will easily become dirty. When the litter box gets dirty, some cats don't poop/pee in a dirty environment! They will excrete outside, and the litter box becomes a decoration.

So, can different cats share a litter box? I don't think it's a good probability.

The litter box keeping the number of "n+1" is not absolute

The litter box should provide one more than the number of cats, which seems to be the current consensus. As for the reason, it is nothing more than to give the cat more options.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, and we encourage you to have plenty of litter boxes. But at the same time, we cannot deny that some multi-cat families live well after preparing an equal number of litter boxes for cats.

For families with two cats, prepare two litter boxes. For families with four cats, prepare four litter boxes. Many families do this, and the rewards are good, and the cat does not poop/pee around because there are too few litter boxes.

So, regarding the number of litter boxes prepared by multi-cat households, our recommendation is to have at least one per cat.

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