How to Keep Litter Box from Smelling up the House?


Some cat owners will put the cat litter box in the room, but it is not recommended to do so. The room is relatively closed, if cats often drain in the room, the room is likely to have the smell of cat urine.
If your room already has a stink result of the litter box, you can refer to the following to deodorize your own home.

how to keep litter box from smelling up the house

Put the litter box in the place with better ventilation condition

It's normal for cat poop to smell, but it's not so smelly that we can't stand it.
In the summer, the smell spreads faster because it's hotter, which is why we think the litter box stinks.
Place the litter box in a cool, dry place with good ventilation, such as a veranda, bathroom, or room with ventilation windows or exhaust fan, to let the odor get away quickly and avoid being trapped in the house, which will not affect the air quality of the entire room.

Avoid sun exposure

Many cat owners who find the litter box damp after cleaning it like to move out into the sun to keep it dry or to kill bacteria.
This is a good idea, but only if you've cleaned and disinfected the litter box.
Otherwise, there is no way to remove the smell with residual poop in it.
Instead, it will ferment and stink even more because of overexposure, which will be embarrassing.

how to keep litter box from smelling up the house

Change the litter regularly

Although a lot of cat litter is under the guise of 'deodorizing', in fact, the smell does not disappear for no reason.
The litter is just another pungent way to mask the smell, and the urine or feces trapped in the litter will end up in the air anyway, not to mention cats don't like the smell.
So don't be too worried about your wallet. Try to completely change the litter every one to two weeks, remove the original litter, wash the litter box thoroughly, dry it out, and then replace it with fresh litter.
It's also important to clean up litter every day. Regular trash bags won't lock out the smell, and even if you scoop the litter out, it will still smell.
Therefore, LIONPAPA's litter genie refill is recommended to be used together with the LITTER GENIE pail, which has the first-class ability to lock the smell and does not need to throw garbage every day. It is very convenient!

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how to keep litter box from smelling up the house

Add a little deodorant to the litter box

Spraying a small amount of deodorant into the litter box after each litter cleaning will help reduce odors in the short term.
Cats are very clean creatures. If the litter box is too dirty, it can also affect their mood. Some cats even refuse to defecate in the litter box because they think it is dirty.
There are a lot of different types of deodorants and they all work the same. They don't really get rid of the smell of litter, but they do keep the litter box fresh and mask the smell.

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