How to Treat Diaper Rash?


Diaper rash is widely known among new parents because your little one will probably get diaper rash at some point no matter how careful you are.

This is one of the most common diseases of baby skin and hits nearly every baby. Although it is not a serious illness, it will agonize your little one.

Fortunately, there are effective methods for treating diaper rash. This blog aims to help new parents like you know about diaper rash and learn diaper rash treatments for your baby.


When Does Diaper Rash Happen?

First of all, by discovering the causes of diaper rash, you can more effectively treat diaper rash. Diaper rash happens when:

  • You change diapers not frequently: leave a wet or dirty diaper on too long.

Urine and feces do irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, leading to diaper rash. If your baby wears a dirty or wet diaper for a long period, over time, diaper rash will hit your baby.

  • You rub your baby’s bottom or your baby rubs against the diaper itself.

Rubbing may break the skin of your baby’s bottom, causing diaper rash.

  • Infection occurs

Diaper rash can be related to both yeast infection and bacterial infection.

  • Have diarrhea

Diarrhea greatly increases the risk of diaper rash for your baby as feces irritate the skin a lot.

  •  Allergic reaction happens

Allergy can also be responsible for diaper rash if your little one is allergic to the diaper you choose.


What Does Diaper Rash Look Like?

Knowing the symptoms of diaper rash allows you to find out and describe it to your pediatrician.

The earlier you diagnose the symptoms, the more you can do to help your baby.

It will begin with a light pinkness over a small area and you may find a single raised bump or papule.

As things get worse, the pinky turns into redness and spreads over other areas. And papules develop into pustules that contain fluid and double in quantity.


Diaper rash treatment

(1) See a doctor

If your little one has moderate or severe diaper rash, make an appointment with your pediatrician to get expert advice. Take medicine if needed. (To know more about the symptoms of diaper rash at different levels, click here.)

(2) Keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry

This helps to cure diaper rash. Change diapers if they contain large amounts of urine or after each stool.

As dirty diapers get stinky in a short time, put the used diapers into your Diaper Genie and store them in the Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill to seal the odors before you are able to dump the trash can.

With its fully sealed construction, Diaper Genie helps keep the air fresh inside your home. A good way to store used diapers will keep the odor from running out, stop bacterial growth and reduce inflammation.

Don’t forget to clean your baby’s bottom with warm water at each diaper change. And make sure it’s completely dry before putting on a new diaper.

(3) Diaper rash cream and ointment

There are diaper rash medications like diaper rash cream and ointment, which are designed to cure diaper rash.

Since you may not make sure whether there are any irritating ingredients, consult your pediatrician about what to buy.

(4) Pat dry

As mentioned, rubbing may exacerbate diaper rash. Pat the bottom dry instead of rubbing.

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