How to Use Diaper Genie: Complete and Expressions? Ⅱ


This blog is the second in Lionpapa’s series on How to Use Diaper Genie.

In the last blog, we have introduced how to use and empty Diaper Genie Complete.

In this blog post, let’s go on to know about how to use and empty Diaper Genie Expressions.

Diaper Genie Expressions

Diaper Genie Expressions is the most affordable and highly customizable. They offer 5 patterns: grey clovers, pink starburst, blue knit, pink & grey, and blue tile. You can choose the one you prefer.

Diaper Genie Expressions is not as big as Complete, and it can hold up to 50 newborn diapers.
Diaper Genie Expressions is already assembled before coming to you. You don’t have to worry about the installation.

How to Use Diaper Genie Expressions?

The construction of Diaper Genie Expressions is different from Diaper Genie Complete, so the methods are different.

(1)Take out the Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill and remove the plastic seal from the top.

(2)Pull the film out (there is a “pull here” sign, start by here) and leave about 26 inches. If you don’t know how long it is, put the pack on the floor and leave it a little longer than the height of your Diaper Genie.

(3)Tie a knot at the bottom of the film and make sure it is tight. If not, the crud may run out and pollute the pail and you might get dirty when emptying your Diaper Genie Expressions. Then push it down through the center hole.

(4)Press the touch button and the lid opens itself. Pull up the clip (circle) between the lid and the Push-N-Lock clamp.

(5)Put your hand inside the bag and push the knot down to the bottom of your Diaper Genie Expressions. Place the refill in the top of the pail and make it stick perfectly.

(6)Close the clip and the lid.
Every time you want to toss a used diaper, just press the touch button and place it inside.

How to Empty Diaper Genie Expressions?

(1)Pull up the whole head through the gap.

(2)Pinch the bag a few inches, which can allow you to tie the knot, above the pile of diapers and shake it a little to consolidate diapers better. Do make the most use of every inch to save your money.

(3)Pull it into the cutting mechanism on the right side of the circle and all you have to do is to pull it firmly and pull down to cut the bag.

(4)Tie the knot, pull the bag out of the pail, and then you have got the full bag.

(5)Pull the rest film several inches down and tie a knot again. Then grasp the knot and pull it to the bottom. Close the head.

How to Change Diaper Genie?

Changing your Diaper Genie should be a piece of cake after getting the hang of using your Diaper Genie.

There will be a line indicator to remind you when Lionpapa diaper pail refills are almost used up. All you have to do is remove the old pack from your pail and repeat the steps of how to use it.


The Difference between Diaper Genie Complete and Expressions

Diaper Genie Complete:

It features its ultimate diaper disposal system, regarded as the all-in-one diaper pail.
It is the tallest and has a foot pedal which allows you not to bend when tossing diapers and leaves your hygienic hands.
Built-in antimicrobial, Diaper Genie Complete inhibits bacteria growth on both the pail and the refills.

Diaper Genie Expressions:

It gains fans by the low cost and easy operation.

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