How to Use Litter Genie: Standard & Plus?


Keeping cats brings happiness to cat owners, and keeps them company, just like an honest friend.

However, if you have kept or are keeping a cat, you should understand that nothing comes without disadvantages.
For example, cats are not born knowing how to use the litter box and you have to teach your “friend” to do so. Moreover, dealing with cat litter should be one of the least pleasant parts of keeping your cat.

Keeping your house fresh requires you to empty the litter box regularly. It is a smelly and time-consuming process.
The self-cleaning litter boxes and stylish litter boxes have been on the horizon.

Whereas, the more difficult issue is where to place all the waste. If you take it to the trash can every time you empty the litter box, there is no doubt you will waste a lot of time. In addition, it will make your garbage stinky because your trash can is dumped once a week.


That’s where Litter Genie, a cat litter disposal system, is designed to help you.
Litter Genie, a convenient cat waste disposal system, helps you keep your home smelling fresh.
Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refill is designed as the best partner of your Litter Genie, composed of high odor barrier materials and keeping your room fresh and comfortable. The 11 layers of EVOH materials of our litter genie refills make them stronger and more durable than normal litter pail refills.

The Similarities and Differences Between Litter Genie Standard & Plus

The construction of Litter Genie Standard and Plus is almost the same, so there is no difference in how to use them. And they can hold soiled litter for up to 14 days (for a cat).
As the name suggests, Litter Genie Plus is stronger than Litter Genie Standard, built-in antimicrobial in the pail that prevents odor caused by bacteria on the pail.

How to Use Litter Genie Standard & Plus?

As we have mentioned, the same method fits for both Litter Genie Standard and Plus.

(1) Pull the film out (there is a “pull here” sign, start by here) and leave about 23 inches. If you don’t know how long it is, put the pack on the floor and leave it a little longer than the height of your Litter Genie.

(2) Tie a knot at the bottom of the film and make sure it is tight. If not, the litter waste may run out and pollute the pail and you might get dirty when emptying your Litter Genie. Then push it down through the center hole.

(3) Open the lid and pull the funnel up. Place the refill on the lip.

(4) Pull the handle and place your hand inside the bag to push the film down into the bottom.

(5) Push down the funnel and close the lid.

(6) Insert the scoop holder in the grooves on either side.

Now, your Litter Genie is ready for it. The steps are as easy as 1,2,3.
Scoop clumps from your litter box.
Open the lid, dump the clumps and close the lid.
Hold down pail and pull the handle. The clumps drop down to the bottom of the refill bag.

How to Empty Litter Genie Standard & Plus?

(1) Open the unit in the middle.

(2) Pinch the bag a few inches, which can allow you to tie the knot. Pull it into the cutting mechanism and all you have to do is to pull it firmly to cut the bag.

(3) Tie the used bag and remove it from the pail.

(4) Pull down your pail refill to the bottom of the unit and tie a knot. Then close the unit.

Video Guide of How to Use Litter Genie

Changing your Litter Genie should be shooting fish in a barrel after getting the hang of using your Litter Genie.
There will be an indicator line to remind you when Lionpapa litter pail refills are almost used up. All you have to do is take away the old pack from your pail and repeat the steps of how to use it.

If you can't understand by words, here is our full video guide to help you:


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