• Why does My Cat Bite Me? They Don’t Actually Want to Hurt You

    If you just raised a cat, do you often encounter such a situation: provide it with delicious food every day, but it will bite you inexplicably.Gradually you will feel that the cat doesn't like you, or why would it bite you?In fact, if a cat bites you, it doesn't necessarily mean to hurt you, it just wants to get your attention.
  • Why do cats sleep so much? Is it sick?

    Cat owners can easily find that cats are either sleeping or sleepy most of the day. Why is this happening? Is it because the cat is sick? There must be some special reasons why cats are so sleepy. Today we will discuss it.
  • How often do you take a cat to the vet?

    Cats are very good at enduring pain, I believe you often hear about it. Once we find that they have obvious symptoms, it is likely that the condition is already serious. At this time, not only is it hard for each other, but also the cost of treatment will be quite high...  
  • How long are cats pregnant?

    The pregnancy period of cats is about two months, but different types of cats have different pregnancy times. For example, the pregnancy time of long-haired cats is more than 60 days, and the pregnancy time of short-haired cats is about 50 to 60 days. If the cat is relatively small, the owner should accompany the cat during the days when the cat is due...
  • Why does my cat lick me? 5 reasons to know

    Dogs and cats have many things in common.For example, dogs will lick you, and cats will lick you sometimes.However, the reasons why dogs lick people are different from cats.Do you want to know why cats lick people? Those who keep cats at home, quickly come to understand these 5 reasons.
  • How heavy should my cat be? See if your cat is overweight!

    Each cat has a different breed and size, which leads to some differences in their weight.So, how many kilograms of a cat can be regarded as a normal weight? And how heavy should my cat be?
  • What does catnip do to cats?

    Catnip also known as nepeta and catmint, is a non-toxic and harmless herb. Catnip contains a component called Nepetalactone, which can cause the cat's nerve impulse and make the cat appear in a state of excitement, which can participate in regulating the cat's emotional changes. The reason why cats can be "addicted" is because of the action of this chemical substance, which stimulates the...
  • Why do cats knead? Only experienced cat owners know

    I believe many people have seen cats knead. Why do cats often knead? The reasons behind it are generally understood only by senior cat owners. Kneading, is also referred to as making biscuits or the cha cha in many cat lovers forums, because this action looks like mixing noodles, with two claws stamping up and down rhythmically.
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