• Why do cats make biscuits? It might treat you as its mother

    Cats making biscuits, also known as kneading, people who just started raising cats may not be used to it, is actually a completely normal behavior. Kneading is a kind of Oedipus performance of cats. It is an instinct for kittens to increase maternal milk secretion during their infancy.
  • Why does my cat stare at me? In fact, it is a "hint"

    You stare at the cat, the cat is staring at you, without saying a word, you just look at each other silently; even if the cat is usually naughty, at least in that moment, you will feel calm and comforted. So, why do cats always stare directly at the cat owner? In fact, it has a lot to do with some of the cats'...
  • Why do Cats Meow? 5 Reasons You can't Ignore

    Cats seldom talk, and it is difficult to get them to open their mouths unless in special circumstances. If the cat in your family is not "talkative" and rarely makes a sound, but all of a sudden, it keeps meowing at you. In this case, you should pay attention to it. The cat meowing is not for no reason. It may be because of these five...
  • Cat Sneezing: A Problem Worthy of Attention by Cat Owners

    Cats and humans usually sneeze for two reasons: either the nasal mucosa is inflamed, or there is some kind of foreign body in the nostrils. To sum up, the reasons are as follows: Kittens sneeze usually because of several common upper respiratory pathogens. Middle-aged cats sneeze, usually caused by herpes virus. Older cats sneeze for a variety of reasons.
  • When do Cats Stop Growing?

    I still remember the first time I saw my cat, I felt it was so small. After I brought it home, I kept thinking: "When will it grow up?" Even though it is almost two years old now, the figure of it is still small. Frankly speaking, it is smaller than most cats of the same age I have seen.
  • Cat Years - Do You Know How Old is Your Cat?

    In this era, we can not only feed cats through purchase, but also adopt stray cats and newborn kittens. However, there will be a problem at this time, that is, we may not know how old the cats we are feeding, after all, not all cats will have a birth date recorded. In fact, just like the appearance of a person when he grows...
  • Want Any Generic Litter Genie Refills? Best Alternatives Here!

    Want Any Generic Litter Genie Refills? Best Alternatives Here!

    It is well known that Litter Genie refill is a very convenient tool for cat owners to clean cat litter. With the special cat litter pail, it can well isolate the smell, and only needs to be replaced once in half a month. However, anyone who has used the Litter Genie refill knows that refills are expensive!
  • How Long Does a Litter Genie Refill Last? Longer Than Expected

    Many cat owner must be familiar with the Litter Genie pail and refill. With this set of tools, we can clean the cat litter easily. You don’t have to put up with the bad smells of cat litter anymore, and also have no need to change the refill frequently. It saves many time and effort for us.
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