• Why does my cat lick me? 5 reasons to know

    Dogs and cats have many things in common.For example, dogs will lick you, and cats will lick you sometimes.However, the reasons why dogs lick people are different from cats.Do you want to know why cats lick people? Those who keep cats at home, quickly come to understand these 5 reasons.
  • How heavy should my cat be? See if your cat is overweight!

    Each cat has a different breed and size, which leads to some differences in their weight.So, how many kilograms of a cat can be regarded as a normal weight? And how heavy should my cat be?
  • What does catnip do to cats?

    Catnip also known as nepeta and catmint, is a non-toxic and harmless herb. Catnip contains a component called Nepetalactone, which can cause the cat's nerve impulse and make the cat appear in a state of excitement, which can participate in regulating the cat's emotional changes. The reason why cats can be "addicted" is because of the action of this chemical substance, which stimulates the...
  • Why do cats knead? Only experienced cat owners know

    I believe many people have seen cats knead. Why do cats often knead? The reasons behind it are generally understood only by senior cat owners. Kneading, is also referred to as making biscuits or the cha cha in many cat lovers forums, because this action looks like mixing noodles, with two claws stamping up and down rhythmically.
  • Why do cats purr? Do you know what that means?

    Cat owners are all too familiar with the cat's purr. It's a cat expressing its love for us, but do you know what it does other than that?Shortly after the cat is born, their eyes can't open and their ears can't hear. At this time, the mother cat will make a purring sound, which will cause the vibration of the surrounding environment, and the...
  • How long do cats live?

    Cat owners must pay attention to the question of how long cats can live.It is well known that the lifespan of indoor cats is usually different from that of outdoor cats, so what factors affect the lifespan of cats?On the topic of cat lifespan, we studied the average lifespan of cats and got all the information needed to answer the question "how long do...
  • What bin does cat litter go?

    Speaking of cat litter, as a must-have thing for cat owners, it brings great convenience to our pet-raising life. When we shovel the cat litter mixed with cat feces into the special cat litter pail and fill the whole refill, we can tie the refill and throw it in the trash bin. So the question is, do you know what type of waste cat...
  • How to deal with cat litter properly? Many cat owners ignore this

    In addition to feeding, massaging and playing with the cats every day, cat owners also have to clean up the cat's feces.How do you deal with cat litter with cat’s feces? Straight into the trash can? Or pour it into the toilet?As a matter of fact, these practices are all wrong. Cat droppings and cat urine, as highly leaking dirt, need to be dealt...
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