Why does My Cat Bite Me? They Don’t Actually Want to Hurt You


If you just raised a cat, do you often encounter such a situation: provide it with delicious food every day, but it will bite you inexplicably.
Gradually you will feel that the cat doesn't like you, or why would it bite you?
In fact, if a cat bites you, it doesn't necessarily mean to hurt you, it just wants to get your attention.

1. Cat's hunting behavior

If you were walking normally in the house, the cat suddenly came out of the corner, and then took a bite on your back heel, then turned around and ran away again.
This situation mostly occurs in kittens under 1 year old.
Occasionally, some adult cats with a childlike heart will also exhibit this behavior.
This is the natural hunting behavior of cats.

Cats are inborn predators. Even if the kittens leave their mother cats at a very young age, these instincts written in their genes will gradually manifest as the kittens age.
This situation usually occurs in families with only one cat.
If there are siblings of kittens or other cats in the family, the behavior of treating people as prey will be much less, because most of them tend to find other cats to play.

cat bite

2. The cat is showing good to the cat owner

Sometimes the cat will suddenly jump to your side while watching TV, rub your head first, and then gently bite you while licking your hand. In this case, the cat's bite is very light.
This is actually a kind of friendly behavior of the cat to its owner. This behavior originates from the behavior of grooming each other's hair between cats.
If there are more than two cats in the house, you'll often see one cat licking another cat's fur, and then nibbling it a few times as if it's going to break the knot, and then licking it again.

3. The cat's teeth have problems

Although most cat owners now know that it is necessary to brush their cats, there are still a small number of people who can persist.
When cats have problems with their teeth, or are changing their teeth, they tend to like to bite.
This kind of biting behavior is the performance of the cat trying to relieve the discomfort of the teeth.


4. The cat is dissatisfied with your behavior

If you are cutting your cat’s nails, it hums for a long time, struggles, and then suddenly turns around and bites you...
I think you have also felt the meaning behind the cat's behavior, "I'm upset...".
So if the cat is not emotional or doesn't want to care about you at all, don't get on it anymore.
However, there are signs before a cat bites a person, such as flicking its tail back and forth, all kinds of struggles, and even loud threats.
In this situation, let the cat and you alone, and wait until the cat is in a good mood before continuing with the work just now (for example, waiting for the cat to fall asleep).

In most cases, pet cats will not actively attack humans.
Even if your cat bites you, don’t rush to beat or scold it, because there may be other reasons behind its biting behavior.
Correctly guide your cat’s behavior, you will get a more clingy cat.

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