Why do cats like boxes?


Do cats have a strange hobby? The owner has arranged a comfortable pet beds for them, but the cat is unwilling to sleep, but went to sleep in such an uncomfortable bare box.

In fact, cats have been in the habit of sleeping in such a narrow box for a long time, and there was a similar behavior in the ancestors of cats.

So, what are the reasons why cats like to sleep in small spaces?


1: The small space makes the cat feel safe


When the cat's ancestors lived in the wild, they would often run to the top of a tree or sleep in a small tree hole when they were resting.

The purpose of this is to avoid predators and protect themselves.

And this kind of behavior integrated into the bones and genes can also be seen in today's pet cats.

Domestic pet cats also like to sleep in small spaces; either in a box, in a drawer, or in a closet.

In short, if you can't find where the cat has gone in the house, you might as well take a look at a small corner of the house.


2: Avoidance in the face of stress and tension

This behavior of cats is actually very much like some people in today's society.

Some people encounter pressure in their relationships, life, and work, and when they encounter certain crises, they often don't have the courage to face it directly, but choose to hide; because only by avoiding can they get some peace in their hearts.

Just like when couples are in a relationship, as long as there are conflicts, some people will face the aggressiveness of their partners in a cold war way.

The same is true for cats.

When the cat arrives in an unfamiliar environment, or that the cat feels pressure and threat to the current situation; at this time, the cat will drill into the box and get into a small space to hide, so that he can live a sense of security.

Cat owners, might as well try to recall, when the cat first came to your house, did a small kitten often hide away?

Either hide under the sofa or get into a box.

In fact, this kind of behavior is nothing more than a cat's conditioned reflex to the environment.


3: In order to maintain its own temperature

There was an article about pet research, which stated that cats prefer to stay in the temperature range of 30-36℃; from this perspective, cats prefer a warm environment.

So this is why, when the weather is very hot in summer, people tend to be unbearably hot, but cats are still willing to bask in the sun and are not so disgusted with the hot weather.

If your cat always likes to sleep in a box, cat owners can try to understand from this perspective, does the cat feel cold?

There may be another reason why cats don’t like sleeping in a pet bed. Maybe the smell inside it makes the cat feel uncomfortable.

Actually, it’s not a bad thing that cats don’t like to sleep in a pet bed.

At least, cat owners save money on buying pet beds, and they can use the money to buy pet beds to add more meals to their cats~

Since they like to drill boxes, just put more empty boxes in a room at home.

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