How long are cats pregnant?


The pregnancy period of cats is about two months, but different types of cats have different pregnancy times.
For example, the pregnancy time of long-haired cats is more than 60 days, and the pregnancy time of short-haired cats is about 50 to 60 days. If the cat is relatively small, the owner should accompany the cat during the days when the cat is due to give birth.
When the cat is difficult to give birth, you should send the cat to the pet hospital for a Caesarean section in time.


  1. First of all, when kittens are domesticated for about 7-10 months, at this time cats generally show that they like to chirp at night, and like to rub at the feet of their owners during the day, this generally means that the kitten is entering its first estrus.
    This is relatively early; if it is slow, the first estrus occurs after adulthood.
    If the cat's first estrus comes, the owner must not let the cat out or find a partner for it.

    If you want a female cat to conceive and give birth to kittens, it is best to wait until the female cat's second estrus comes before mating.
    The female cat's body needs to grow to be suitable for pregnancy before giving birth to kittens.
    The second estrus period is almost after the female cat reaches adulthood, so it is more appropriate to choose to mate during the second estrus period, but not every mating can successfully conceive the female cat.
    Another thing to note is to remember to protect the male cat, because after mating, the female cat will attack the male cat because of pain.
    At this time, the female cat will be extremely vicious, so if you have both male and female cats, protecting the male cat is also something the owner should do.

  2. After the cat mates, you need to write down the date at this time.
    Generally speaking, it takes 3-5 weeks to observe. When the third week comes, the female cat’s body will begin to change. It is more obvious that the female cat’s abdomen breasts will begin to show signs of redness and swelling, and the nipples will also begin to shed hair. When you touch it with your hands, You can feel some swelling in the female cat's uterus!
    At this time, it can be confirmed that the cat is pregnant.

  3. After confirming that the cat is pregnant, calculate the mating date of the cat, and add two months from the mating day, which is 60 days, plus or minus 3 days, which is the date of pregnancy, which is about 2 months in total.
    For example, if the mating period is March 1st, then the cat's production period is 3 days before and after May 1st, and the middle days from April 27th to May 4th.
    If you go to the veterinarian, by the fourth week, they can roughly assess how many kittens the mother cat is pregnant with by touching.
    In the fifth week, the mother cat’s appetite suddenly improves and her food starts to increase.
    The weight will get bigger and bigger, and the cat’s breast development will be more obvious;
    At the sixth week, the cat’s abdomen can be clearly seen to become larger, and the fetal movement and the heartbeat of the fetus can be heard with a stethoscope!

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