Litter Locker VS Litter Genie: Which is better?


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Cat litter pail is an inevitable topic if you want to make the daily routine of cleaning cat litter more convenient and the room is no longer full of the bad smell of cat litter.

Many cat owners buy cat litter pail and refills as a cat litter disposal system to clean cat litter. Among the many choices of cat litter pails, Litter Genie and Litter Locker are the most popular.

They can make your daily cat litter cleaning easier and more convenient. With these cat litter bins specialized for cats, you can directly put the cleaned cat litter in the cat litter pail and throw out them regularly once in a few days, instead of throwing the cat litter into the litter bin every day.

These products seem to have similar functional designs, so which one is better?

Today, Lionpapa's blog will compare the size, appearance, use, function, price and other aspects of these two cat waste disposal systems, so that you will no longer hesitate in the selection process.

Note: Litter Genie has three models of pails: standard, plus and XL. LitterLocker also has two generation: current LitterLocker and Litter Locker 2 (Litter Locker ii has been discontinued). In order to facilitate comparison, we will select the most representative ones which are on the market currently to compare below.

Product Dimensions

  • Litter Genie standard pail: 9.5 x 8.5 x 17 inches;
  • Litter Locker pail: 9.45 x 9.45 x 16.93 inches

The size of the two products is not much different, the litter genie width is slightly narrower. 

If you need a smaller footprint, you can choose litter genie. If you want to put more cat litter, you can choose litter locker.


litter locker vs litter genie

Although the presence of the cat litter pail in the entire room is not strong, as a tool used every day, if it can be more beautiful in appearance, it will undoubtedly make people feel more comfortable.

  • Litter locker: made of standard white plastic
  • Litter Genie: made of standard gray plastic

There is not much difference in appearance and shape between the two, maybe Litter Locker looks a little more fashionable. Which one to choose depends on your preference for the two colors and your home style.

Use process

Litter Locker and Litter Genie are similar in use design. The use process is the same, just open the lid of the system and scoop the cat litter into the pail. Put the lid on and lock it, and the smell is isolated.

litter locker vs litter genie

There is no clear winner in this respect, because the working principles of the products are basically similar.

Feature Design

The unpleasant cat litter smell is unbearable. For cat owners, the main purpose of using a cat litter pail is to lock in the smell.

Litter Locker uses air-sealing technology to control odors. Its refill is designed with multi-layer materials and has an odor barrier function.

Litter Genie's refill is composed of seven layers of materials, which can effectively lock the smell and bacteria of cat litter. The Plus pail is also added with antibacterial ingredients to prevent the odor caused by bacteria on the pail.

There is not much difference between the two on this point. If you use Lionpapa's cat litter refills, you can also experience a more secure odor isolation effect.

litter locker vs litter genie

Lionpapa's cat litter refills are composed of 11 layers of EVOH (Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) materials, with professional ability to control odors, and can be used in Litter Genie pails (except for XL).


The size, capacity, and design of the product are all related to the cost. It is unreasonable to discuss the product characteristics without the cost.

For cat litter pails, as long as they are not damaged, buying a pail may be able to use it for a lifetime, and the refill after buying the pail is the main source of cost.

  • Litter Locker's pail costs $51.48, and a pack of 5 refills costs $52.26.
  • Litter Genie's standard pail costs $14.99, and a pack of 3 refills is $25.99.

Note: The above prices are real-time prices on 7/23/2021.

In contrast, Litter Genie costs much less whether it is pail or refills. If you want to choose a cheaper one, then Litter Genie is your best choice.

It is worth reminding that if you still think the above refills are too expensive, you can also choose Lionpapa’s cat litter refills. Our refills can be compatible with Litter Genie pails (except for XL). Or Lionpapa's generic Litter Locker refills, which can only be shipped to Canada now.

The price of a pack of 4 refills is now discounted at only $19.99, and the price of 4 packs of 16 refills is $69.99, greatly reduce your cost of raising cats, and fully reduce your life pressure.

Can you get toxoplasmosis from breathing in cat litter?

Women who are pregnant and have a cat may be of particular concern to this issue.

In general, having a cat does not endanger the safety of pregnant women, but it is better to be careful. Toxoplasma is a parasite. If a mother becomes infected with Toxoplasma during pregnancy, the baby in her womb may also be affected.

When cats are infected with this toxoplasma, they are excreted in feces, and the cat litter contains it. Pregnant women cleaning the litter box may become infected by inadvertently ingesting contaminated cat litter. So it's recommended not to breath in or smell cat litter when pregnant.

It takes a day or days for the parasite to develop into an infectious form in the feces of a cat. Therefore, families with pregnant women are best to let other healthy and unpregnant people clean up the cat litter as soon as possible, as much as possible once a day.

It is best to wear gloves when cleaning cat litter and wash your hands thoroughly with soapy and water at the time.

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