Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?


Many people think that only dogs can wag their tails. In fact, cat owners will find that sometimes cats also wag their tails.

Cats cannot communicate in human language, and when they want to express their ideas, they can only convey them indirectly to their owners through sound and action.

Cats have complex motives for wagging their tails, and they may express different ideas depending on the situation. So what on earth are they expressing?

why do cats wag their tails

Several common reasons are known:

The first situation is that the two cats are in a state of confrontation and are very excited.

The second is that the cat wags its tail at rest to show that it should not be disturbed.

The third is that the cat wags its tail because it is in a happy mood.

The fourth is that cats will wag their tails left and right when they are in a bad mood, and sometimes they will also wag their tails when they are scared.

1. The state of confrontation between the two cats

If two cats are confronting each other and quietly watching each other's actions with their ears down, they will wag their tails hard from side to side, indicating that they are in a state of tension or excitement, and that a fight may break out at any time!

2. Rest state do not want to be disturbed

When the cat is resting, if the owner must comb its hair or restrict its freedom, the cat will start wagging its tail as a sign of impatience.

When it is taking a nap, it will only wag its tail in answer to the call of his master.

3. Swing gently when happy

When the cat sleeps in the owner's arms, the mood is the happiest. At this time, the tail will swing slightly and slowly. Even in sleep, the cat will occasionally wag its tail.

When a cat begs for something to eat, it will also appear to be rubbing against the owner's feet and having a high tail.

4. Wiggle the tail left and right

When the owner strokes the cat's body or teases them, if you perceive that the cat's tail is wagging left and right, it proves that it is in a bad mood.

At this point, it's better to leave the cat alone!

why do cats wag their tails

5. A frightened reaction

When cats meet with cat leaders or dogs, or when they are scared, their tails will be U-shaped and sandwiched between their buttocks.

The cat will also lie down to make the whole body look smaller, as if telling the other party: Don't attack me!


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