What Does It Mean When a Cat Wags Its Tail? 13 Meanings of Cats Wagging Their Tails


For those who love cats, speculating about cats is a lifelong compulsory course.
Although cats cannot speak language, they accidentally reveal the secrets of their mood through changes in their eyes, shape, ears, and tail swings.
In a previous blog post Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails, Lionpapa outlined why cats wag their tails. In this blog post, Lionpapa has collected 13 ways for cats to wag their tails. You can refer to your cat's possible mood according to your cat's corresponding movements.
Now let's take a look at the cat tail language meanings of these representative behaviors, and become qualified cat owners together!

What does it mean when a cat wags its tail

A. In a good mood:

1.Vertical tail wagging-

A common condition for cats, indicates peace of mind and that everything is under control.

2.Wagging its tail up and down sharply-

It shows that the cat is fascinated by something and is watching with relish.

3.Wagging the tail straight left and right-

When the cat's tail swings left and right like a wiper, it indicates that the cat is very confident in patrolling the territory: "look, these are my territory!"

4.Wagging its tail rhythmically-

At this time, the cat tends to focus on something, and it has no idea that its tail is very rhythmic.

What does it mean when a cat wags its tail

B. Strangers stay away from me:

5.The tail is blowing and wagging-

The cat is afraid of being threatened by the outside world.
It's time for the cat owner to perform! Hurry up and show your superb stroking skills to calm the cat's emotions.

6.The tail is wagging in a hilly shape-

At this time the cat is generally threatened by other creatures and will use this gesture to warn: don't come near me!

What does it mean when a cat wags its tail

C. Not very happy:

7.Wagging the tail up and down in a small range-

The meaning of this action is completely different from wagging the tail in a large range, which means that the cat is a little irritable and wants to sleep.

8.The tail is wagging downwards-

Cats are generally blamed and feel depressed, or they may be feeling a little uncomfortable. At this time, you must pay more attention to it!

9.Wagging the tail in between-

The cat’s tail is swayed between its legs, indicating that the cat’s mood is very low. At this time, you can gently touch the cat to let the cat feel your love for it~

10.Tail wagging crazily-

Occasionally, cats' emotions suddenly become violent, just as people can be in a bad mood for no reason, so do cats.
At this time, the cat will wag its tail crazily, but it won't last long. The cat owner just needs to accompany the cat silently.

11.The tail is clamped to protect the abdomen-

When the cat puts the tail between the legs to protect the abdomen, it means that the cat is a little nervous and scared at this time. Try to hold it in a different position and give it a sense of security!

D. Thinking of other things in the mind

12.Sitting and wagging the tail-

At this time, you will see the cat sitting on its hind feet, and the tail is wagging from time to time. It must be that it has a choice problem or hesitating (such as what to eat at night ~).

13.Sleeping and wagging its tail-

When a cat is sleeping, you call it, and you will often get a response by wagging its tail a few times. At this time, it is saying "I heard it, but I don't want to care about you~"

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