How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?


Owners of cats who sometimes refuse to eat for no reason should be concerned about the question.

What happens to a cat if the owner doesn't feed it for a long period of time, and how many days can it be hungry?


How many days can a cat be hungry?

Cats can starve for up to three days, and if they don't eat for more than four, their lives are in danger.

A cat will not die if it is starved for five days with normal water, but after three days without food or water, severe tissue damage and organ failure will occur.

If the cat does not eat or drink for three consecutive days, the body will increase the burden of the liver, gastrointestinal function will decrease, prone to fatty liver, gastroenteritis and other diseases.

There are many reasons why cats don't eat, including seasonal changes, new surroundings, food changes, emotional stress, picky eating, estrous, disease, etc.


The reason why cats lose their appetite

Cats are sensitive and easily stressed animals, and changes in environment and eating habits may cause a loss of appetite in cats. The reasons are as follows:

1.The temperature is too high or relatively hot, the cat's appetite will be reduced.

2.Picky eaters cause less eating. Cat food is not delicious or eating a single cat food for a long time, so that the cat appears tired. Another is that the food is not fresh. Cats are fussy about food and won't eat food that has been put out for a long time.

3.Change the cat food. If a cat has been fed a brand of food for a long time, suddenly switching to another breed of food or changing meals can easily cause anorexia.

4.Environmental stress. Cats usually only eat in a safe environment. When a cat is in a strange environment, it will not eat or drink for a while because of stress.

5.The mode of getting along with the owner has changed. The owner often feed the cat snacks, or recently there are strangers in the home to cause discomfort, replacement of cat litter, too much fur ball, eating foreign bodies, etc., will lead to a decrease in the appetite of the cat.

6.When the cat is in heat, in too excited state, appetite will also be reduced, after the past of heat will return to normal.

7.Indigestion. If the cat is eating much less than normal, watch out for gastrointestinal problems or parasites that can cause it to lose its appetite.

8.Suffer from disease. When a cat is found not eating and is in a bad state of mind or some other abnormal condition, the cat may be ill.

In particular, severe pain, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, fever, bacterial and viral infections can lead to decreased appetite.


Automatic cat feeder and water fountain

Lionpapa's automatic cat feeder and water fountain are great tools to help you manage your cat's diet.

automatic cat feeder

The automatic cat feeder has a large capacity of 4L, which can store cat food for about a week. When you need to travel for a short time, you can set a fixed time for your cat to eat, up to 4 meals per day, and the size of each meal can be set freely.

And the top of the automatic cat feeder is designed with a buckle, which can prevent the cat from stealing the extra food during non-mealtime, so you don't have to worry about the cat eating too much food at one time when it is alone at home, resulting in later eating nothing.

Water is also important for cats. Enough water can help cats live longer.

cat water fountain

Lionpapa's cat water fountain has a large capacity of 3L, which can provide about 5-10 days of water for an adult cat.

Moreover, the water fountain has its own water circulation system, which can provide sanitary water for your beloved cat all day long. Even when you are out, you do not have to worry about the quality of the cat's drinking water.

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