What breed is my cat? Characteristics of some common breeds


People take the initiative to understand and regulate the breeds of cats, which may help people choose cats to accompany them.

And the process of choosing people for cats is full of randomness: whether it is a chance encounter with you when you are hovering downstairs, or a piece of adoption information suddenly breaks into your sight.

This kind of fate is equally wonderful.


So how on earth do I know what breed my cat is?

In a nutshell, you can tell from the following points:

  1. Check parents or ancestors, breed cats pay great attention to pedigree, most of the purchase will be accompanied by documents and certificates.
  2. Check the information, go to the official website of TICA(The International Cat Association)or CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) to see the information of the corresponding cat breed, if it is a breed of cat, the physical characteristics of your cat must be highly consistent with the data.
  3. To accept the fact that your cat may not belong to any certified breed, it is a randomly bred cat.


Since the 19th century, with the growth of cat shows and competitions, cats have been classified into different breeds.

To date, more than 100 cat breeds have been certified.

The characteristics of these 100 breeds are not described here, we will choose the most common cat species to introduce to you.

 Some common cat breeds characteristic

  1. American shorthair, commonly known as ASH. It can be said to be the most popular cat among all types of cats.
    They look very strong in appearance, with a large head, a fuller face, a rounder chin, and slightly rounded ear tips.
    The personality is very gentle and well-behaved. If the owner can raise it well, it will be very close to you.
  2. Ragdoll. It is relatively large and heavy. Its eyes are large and round. Its eyes are large and round, its hair is dense, its limbs are relatively long, and its body is very soft.
    It is docile and quiet, and is also very friendly to people. It always revolves around its master, likes to please and play with its master.
  3. Turkish Van. Its origin is from Turkey. Its body is long and strong, its character is very smart, lively and sensitive.
    It likes to climb and play everywhere, and it also likes to play with water and swim, so it is a good choice for cat lovers who have a headache to bathe their cats.
    Its eyes are the most characteristic, blue or amber and green, so they are all called bicolor eyes.
  4. Scottish fold. This kind of cat’s ears are different from other cats. Its ears are slumped down on the head. It looks charming and cute.
    It has a docile and smart personality. It likes to stick to its owner and wants to participate in anything with you. It is lazy on the surface when it has nothing to do, but it reacts quickly when it encounters prey.
  5. Dragon Li. The place of origin comes from China. It is very popular among the Chinese. It has well-developed limbs and strong motor nerves, and is very active for catching mice.
    Very enthusiastic and dependent on the owner, if you change him to another owner, it may be sad for a long time.

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