Litter Genie Instructions: How to Use Litter Genie


Litter Genie is such a great product for cat owners. It saves cat lovers from smelling up the house and allows you to live with fresh air instead of enduring the rank odors of cat litter clumps.


Why is Litter Genie so popular?

Most cat owners have tried other methods to deal with the cat smell.

Storing soiled cat litter in grocery bags or traditional trash bags doesn’t make sense. These bags are not strong enough to seal odors.

Dumping it into the big trash can in the yard is not a good solution. The microbes break down the clumps and the waste ferments, making the smell much more stinky.

The invention of Litter Genie has changed the way to deal with dirty cat litter. A cat litter pail with seal design along with special cat genie refills can effectively help you get rid of the odors.


How to use Litter Genie?

On the market, there are 3 Litter Genie models: Litter Genie standard pail, Litter Genie Plus pail, and Litter Genie XL pail.

When you receive your litter genie pail, it is installed yet. And they all come with scoops and scoop holders. All you have to do is insert the scoop holder in the grooves on either side and then insert your litter genie refill. Inserting the refills might be the most difficult step. We will introduce it in detail.


How to insert the refill?

There are only 4 steps:

  1. Remove the Lionpapa’s refill plastic tab and the outer rim.
  2. Start your refill with the tab (pull), pull about 20 inches of the film. Push the film down through the center of the cartridge. Tie a tight knot at the bottom of the refill.
  3. Open the lid and pull the funnel up. Place the new refill at the top of the pail and make it stick perfectly. Then pull the handle and drop the film to the bottom of the pail.
  4. Push down the funnel and close the pail.

Now, your litter genie pail is ready for the clumps.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to dump in the soiled cat litter:

  1. Use the scoop to take out clumps from the litter box.
  2. Open the lid, dump the clumps in and close the pail.
  3. Hold down your pail with one hand and pull the handle to drop the clumps to the bottom.

The stinky clumps have been sealed in the litter genie pail.

If you want to know about Litter Genie instructions in close detail, read our blog: how to use litter genie standard & plus.


Things you should know about litter genie refills

It sounds easy to start the journey with Litter Genie because Litter Genie pail costs at least $16.99, and no more than $26.99. But you will realize your mistake when you have to buy litter genie refills.  

On Amazon, 1 pack of litter genie refill is $10.99, about half of the cost of your pail.

You are probably going to think that you can reduce the cost by stocking up on refills when discounted. However, reality has shown that even when it’s cheapest, each pack of litter genie refill costs no less than $6.

Even if you make the most use of every inch, each pack can last no more than two months for a cat. As time goes by, it will add to a big sum.


Generic Litter Genie refills

Lionpapa generic litter genie refills cost only about 70% of the name brand. If you buy 16 packs, it’s only $73.99. And it will be even cheaper during Lionpapa’s monthly brand day, at least 10% off, on average of $4 per cartridge.

Our alternative litter genie refills are made-in 11 layers of EVON materials, stronger and more durable than the original bags.

Lionpapa’s generic litter genie refill fits for Litter Genie standard and plus pail.

Keeping a cat should not be a burden. Buy Lionpapa’s generic litter genie refills right now for your lovely friend.

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