How to Use Diaper Genie: Complete and Expressions? Ⅰ


Diaper Genie, a baby diaper disposal system, has become incredibly popular over the last few years.
As a new parent or an expectant parent, you must have heard about the Diaper Genie, which helps to deal with the stinky diapers.

There are various versions of Diaper Genies and currently, the best-sellers are Diaper Genie Complete and Diaper Genie Expressions.

Diaper Genies features controlling odors, convenience, large capacity, and fewer trips to the trash, leaving you more time to spend with your baby. And they should be used with refill bags, which helps to seal odors better.

However, the bags are not cheap, so selecting durable refill bags with a reasonable price matters.
Lionpapa offers you excellent Diaper Genie refill bags which cost 70% of the original or even less.

Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill, a good partner of your Diaper Genie, is composed of high odor barrier materials and keeps your room fresh and comfortable. The 11 layers of EVOH materials of our diaper genie refills make them stronger and more durable than normal diaper pail refills.

Everything must be carefully examined before we act, then twice as much can be accomplished with half the effort.
Let’s figure out more about Diaper Genie to prepare for the arrival of your baby.


Diaper Genie Complete:

How to Install Your Diaper Genie Complete?

Diaper Genie Complete is the biggest Diaper Genie with the design of no bending diaper toss. With the right height, Diaper Genie is much bigger than the previous types, so it doesn’t come in the whole and you have to install it with a few steps.

Put the main body (base) that has a pedal at the bottom on the floor.

Snap the head into the base and you will hear it click, which means you have done it correctly. Press the pedal to check whether the inner clamps open. If the lid and inner clamps open when the pedal is pressed, things go well.

Insert the carbon filter which helps seal odors in place into the groove on the back of the lid.

The last step is to insert the canister at an angle into the base.

Now, you have got your Diaper Genie Complete.


How to Use Diaper Genie Complete?

The use of Diaper Genies is a little more complex than the traditional trash bins.

(1)Take out the Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill and remove the plastic seal from the top.

(2) Pull the film out (there is a “pull here” sign, start by here) and leave about 30 inches. If you don’t know how long it is, put the pack on the floor and leave it a little longer than the height of your Diaper Genie.

(3) Tie a knot at the bottom of the film and make sure it is tight. If not, the crud may run out and pollute the pail and you might get dirty when emptying your Diaper Genie Complete. Then push it down through the center hole.

(4) Press the pedal and put the refill into your pail and press down to drop the knot pass the inside clamps.

(5) Open the canister and grab the knotted film to the bottom of the pail. Then, close it.

(6) Now, your Diaper Genie Complete is ready for the used diapers. You just need to step on the pedal and toss the diaper into the pail.


How to Empty Diaper Genie Complete?

(1) Push the button on the top of the canister to open it. The full bag is exposed to you now.

(2) Pinch the bag a few inches, which can allow you to tie the knot, above the pile of diapers and shake it a little to consolidate diapers better. As the refill bag is not cheap, please make the best of every inch. Six inches is suggested for the knot.

(3) Pull it into the cutting mechanism and all you have to do is to pull it firmly and pull up to cut the bag.

(4) Tie the knot, pull the bag out of the pail, and then you have got the full bag.

(5) Pull the rest film several inches down and tie a knot again. Then grasp the knot and pull it to the bottom. Close the canister.
Your Diaper Genie Complete comes back to life.

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