Playtex Diaper Pail Refills for Diaper Genie Pails or Munchkin Step Replacement

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Features for Lionpapa Diaper Pail Refills:

Lionpapa diaper pail refills feature compatibility for various kinds of diaper pails, large capacity, 11 layers to keep odor away, free shipping and excellent customer service.

Compatibility for various kinds diaper pails

Lionpapa diaper pail refills fit for various kinds of brands pails, including Playtex Diaper Genie Expression, Diaper Genie Complete, Diaper Genie II, Diaper Genie II Elite, Diaper Genie Essentials and Mini Diaper Genie pail replacement.
Our diaper pail refills are also compatible with Munchkin Pails and Munchkin Step replacement, more choice for you.

Large Capacity Refills

Lionpapa diaper pail refill features 20 feet length in each box, which can hold 270 cloth diapers easily. You don't have to constantly change your garbage bags, and also don't have to put up with bad smells any more. Lionpapa will save more time for you to stay with your babies.

11 layers refills to keep odor away

Our diaper genie refills are composed of high odor barrier materials and keep your room fresh and comfortable.
The 11 layers EVOH materials of our diaper genie refills make it stronger and more durable than normal diaper pail refills.

Free Shipping

Lionpapa online store offers free shipping on all our products including diaper pail refills, you will save more money and save more time when shopping online.

Excellent Customer Service

We will offer replacement, return or refund if you are not satisfied with our diaper pail refills after you bought them at Lionpapa.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at, we will reply to you in 24h.

Why Choose Lionpapa Diaper Refills?

Works just as well as the Diaper Genie refills and you get more for your money.
Lionpapa Diaper Pail Refills are specially designed for use with all the Diaper Genie Disposal Systems.
Lionpapa Refill is a great Baby Registry gift for the parents.
Lionpapa Refills work with multi-layers to help lock in odors and messes.

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How-to Video:

How to Use Lionpapa Refills for Munchkin Diaper Pail

How to Use Lionpapa Refills for Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Q: Does it have the indicator line when it’s close to running out?

A: Yes, There will be an indicator line to remind you when this diaper pail refills are almost used up.

Q: Do diaper genie refills fit the litter locker?

A: No, diaper genie refills don’t fit the litter locker.

Q: How to use diaper genie refill?/ How to refill diaper genie?/ How to change diaper genie refill bag?/ How to install diaper genie refill?/ How to put bags in diaper genie?

(1) Hold the refill right side up and remove the plastic seal from the top.
(2) Pull the film up and out of refill and push down through the center hole.
(3) Knot at the end of the film.
(4) Put the refill into the pail and press down slightly to secure, make sure to drop the knot past the inside clamps.
(5) Finally, grab the knotted film from the closed clamps and pull it to the bottom of the pail. Now with every diaper you just need to step and toss.

Q: How to empty diaper genie?

(1) Simply pull through the cutter and tie closed.
(2) To start your next bag once again, pull the film to the bottom of the pail and tie a knot, you can enjoy a fresh smelling nursery and get back to all those memorable moments with your baby.

Q: How to set up diaper genie?/ How to fix diaper genie?/ How to work a diaper genie?

(1) Place the base down and snap the head into it. You should hear it click.
(2) Double check that when the foot pedal is pressed, the lid and inner clamps open. The double air tight clamps and interior antimicrobial protection work together as part of the ultimate odor lock system that helps seal odors in.
(3) Place the canister into the base at angle, make sure to insert the unwrapped carbon filter.

Q: How long does diaper genie refill last?

A: It depends on the amount of diaper you consume each day.
It can hold up to 270 diapers per refill. That means, Lionpapa 8-pack diaper genie refill can hold up to 2160 diapers. You can calculate the time of use based on the amount of diapers thrown each day.

Q: How many diaper genie refills do I need?

A: Same as previous question. A refill cartridge can hold 270 diapers. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re stuffing 270 diapers in the can before you take it to the trash.
Imagine one really long and narrow trash bag without a bottom. That’s kind of what this is. When you first set up the bag, you’ll tie a knot at the bottom of it. Then, when it’s full of diapers, you can use the special cutter inside the pail to break it off and knot the top. Then you’ll pull out the next portion of the bag, knot it at the bottom, and so on.

Q: How to refill a diaper genie 2?

A: An indicator on the refill film will tell you when the refill is almost empty and needs replacing.
(1) Remove lid from the top of the pail.
(2) Pull tab on refill, and remove the plastic seal.
(3) Pull out approximately 18 inches of film, and tie a tight knot at the end.
(4) Place refill in the top of the pail, and push the knot through the clamp.
(5) Replace the lid by pushing it down until you hear a snap. The Diaper Genie 2 system is ready to use.

Q: How does a diaper genie work?/ How to use diaper genie?

A: The Diaper Genie Complete comes fully assembled. So, you can just use it straight out of the box – which is great for busy moms and dads.
Then, to throw away a diaper, all you have to do is hit the bottom pedal with your foot, and the lid and airtight clamps open for you to toss it in. That’s it.

Q: Is a diaper genie worth it?

A: If you’re a parent with a kid in diapers, you must consider the Diaper Genie, which is the No.1 best-seller in diaper pails on Amazon. Its design is sleek an unobtrusive, and it comes in five colors including white, gray and green, making it a fit for most nurseries. Plus its tall size and hands-free foot pedal make it easier on your back to toss diapers.
What sets it apart from other diaper pails, though, is the extra odor protection from the carbon filter, clamps and special bags (A bit expensive though you can replace it with Lionpapa's generic diaper genie refill bags).

Q: How to refill diaper genie essentials?

(1) Remove the lip from your Diaper Genie and check the indicator that reminds you when this diaper pail refills are almost used up. And you will be aware that your Diaper Genie needs to change the refill.
(2) Remove the old Diaper Genie refill and remove the plastic seal. Find the lip label and pull out the bag of approximately 18 inches that best fit for your Diaper Genie and prepares for the next use. If you forget to do that, don’t worry, just pack fewer diapers than you used to.
(3) Push the bag through the center and make a tight knot or a double knot at the end. Make sure that every inch has been fully used to avoid waste.
(4) Place the new refill in the top of the pail and make it stick perfectly. If not, you may put yourself in risk that litters and smells may run out.
(5) Replace the lid by pushing it down until you hear a snap.
You can refer to our blog for full instructions: How to Change Diaper Genie?

Q: Can you use diaper genie refills in munchkin pail?/ Will diaper genie refills work in munchkin pail?/ Do diaper genie refills fit munchkin pail?/ Do munchkin diaper pail refills fit diaper genie?

A: Yes, our Lionpapa diaper genie refills are compatible for Munchkin pail, and of course munchkin diaper pail refills fit diaper genie.

Q: How to change munchkin diaper pail refills?/ How to install munchkin diaper pail refills?/ How to put in munchkin diaper pail refill?/ How to refill munchkin diaper pail?/ How to replace munchkin diaper pail refill?/ How to use munchkin diaper pail refills?/ How to use munchkin diaper pail refill ring?

(1) OPEN THE FRONT DOOR: Press the button on the silver inner lid and swing the front door open from the left side.
(2) THEN LIFT THE SILVER INNER LID: Press the release button just beneath the inner lid and lift it up.
(3) Pull film out of cartridge, then down through the center opening of the refill ring.
(4) Tie a knot at the end to create a bag and feed it through the sealing flaps.
(5) Place the ring inside the opening with the tabs lined up with the grooves, so that the ring locks into place.
(6) Pull the bag all the way down with at least 3 inches resting on the bottom.
TO REMOVE THE BAG WHEN FULL: Open the front door and slide the top of the bag through the cutter located beneath the inner lid. Tie a knot to close the bag and discard.
Pull the remaining material down and tie a knot at the bottom to create another bag. At least 3 inches should rest on the floor of the pail.
Note: For best results, empty the diaper pail regularly and keep clean.

Playtex Diaper Pail Refills for Diaper Genie Pails or Munchkin Step Replacement
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