How to Empty Diaper Genie?(For Diaper Genie Elite)


The arrival of a newborn makes the whole family happy. However, troubles come at the same time. How to deal with diapers must be one of the most challenging problems.

Emptying Diaper Genie in the wrong way pollutes your home with terrible odors and disgusting litter. Don’t let it ruin your life, you deserve to enjoy your new life with your baby. Let me show you how to empty Diaper Genie step by step.

Part 1 Open your genie:

(1) Keep your genie upright on the floor. If not, diapers may fall off once the genie topples.

(2) Press the release button in the middle of the front side of your Diaper Genie. This button is designed to separate the top portion from the bottom one.

Attentions: Do it slowly and don’t forget to see if there are resting diapers in the top portion! If this happens, step on the pedal to drop diapers into the bottom portion.

Part 2 Remove bag out of Diaper Genie

(1)All the diapers should pile up at the bottom. Pinch the bag a few inches above the pile of diapers, shake it a little to consolidate diapers better, and make sure you can tie a knot. If the distance is too short, without a knot, the dirty diapers pill out; if too long, you’ll waste it. Six inches should be a good choice.

(2)Use the Diaper Genie cutter, in the middle of your Diaper Genie, to separate the bag from the remaining. Then, tie a double knot to rid yourself of the risk that bad smells and dirty litters run out.

(3)Throw your full diaper bag into any garbage available. The boring diapers go away.

Part 3 Refill your Diaper Genie

(1)Take the bag attached to your Diaper Genie and tie a knot at the bottom. Make sure the knot is tight, conversely, the dirty diaper will pollute your Diaper Genie. Don’t make a mess!

(2)Pull the bag into the bottom portion of your Diaper Genie and lock your Diaper Genie. If you lock your genie successfully, you’ll hear a snap. Now, you can use your genie again.

Practice makes perfect! It will take you some time to become proficient in emptying Diaper Genie, but after that, you can enjoy your life with your little baby.

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Also want to know how to change your empty genie: How to Change Diaper Genie?

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