How Does Diaper Genie Work?


No one is born omnipotent and everyone is bound to face thousands of challenges in his or her life.

Among the challenges, learning how to become a reliable parent must be one of the most challenging. Nursing, coaxing your baby to sleep, diapering and many difficulties come with the arrival of a small baby.

Diverse practical tools have been invented to help new parents adapt to a new life. Diaper Genie is a good example to help new parents cope with the soiled, disgusting diapers.

Let’s start knowing about this magical 'genie'.

What Is Diaper Genie?

Looking like a large garbage can or a bucket, Diaper Genie is designed as a baby diaper disposal system.

The main structure is a large plastic container with a plastic lid. There's a pedal at the bottom of the front face of the Diaper Genie, like the step-on trash can.

The main function is to seal baby diapers in a compatible garbage bag, protect against germs and odors and keep the air fresh inside your home.

Such an amazing thing matters a lot for new parents who tend to be in a big bustle and hustle.

How Does Diaper Genie Work?

The auto-closing mouth is the core of Diaper Genie, allowing you to throw away the soiled diaper but it closes almost immediately afterward.

That’s how Diaper Genie keeps odors away. Here are some in-depth introductions on how Diaper Genie works.

(1) Frist of all, you are supposed to fill the Diaper Genie with refill: tear off the sealing strip from your new refill and pull it down to the bottom of the pail and tie a knot at the end of the refill. Then place the refill in the bottom portion of your Diaper Genie and close the lid. Now, the pail is ready.

(2) Whenever you need to throw a baby diaper, step on the pedal at the bottom of the front face to open the auto-closing mouth. This is the time to throw the baby diaper into the pail.

(3) After throwing, remove your foot off the pedal to close the ‘mouth’. It drops to the bottom portion of your Diaper Genie. All these diapers are consolidated at the bottom.

Is Diaper Genie Worth It?

Are you considering buying Diaper Genie? Don’t hesitate, there are hundreds of reasons for using it.

(1) Diaper Genie costs just about $40, but the others usually cost between $70 to $90.

(2) With a one-hand design, you just need to put the soiled diapers inside and it will manage the trash by itself.

(3) The pedal and the auto-closing mouth make it very convenient for you to open and close the device.

(4) Diaper Genie can hold up to 270 newborn diapers, keeping you in your home instead of going out to throw diapers at a high frequency.

(5) It keeps smells and dirty litter away and leaves you fresh.

And so on

Lionpapa Generic Diaper Genie Refill

After buying your Diaper Genie, you need to select a compatible pail refill for it. Lionpapa’s Generic Diaper Genie Refill should be your first option.

The 11 layers of special materials of Lionpapa’s Generic Diaper Genie Refill make it stronger and more durable and better to keep odor away.

However, with such a wonderful quality, it offers you competitive prices: 8 packs are $29.99 ($24.99 on the discount day), and 16 packs are only $59.99 ($43.99 on the discount day).

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