How to Change Diaper Genie?


Being a new parent means taking on the duties, one of which is to deal with soiled diapers. The Diaper Genie is one of the most popular diaper disposal systems.
As a garbage pail, Diaper Genie should be equipped with a special refill, which means that you need to empty and change the pail refills.

What Makes Diaper Genie So Popular?

If you have a newborn, you are likely to be familiar with diaper duty. Diaper Genie is designed to aid you in doing the job. Millions of families have benefited from this magical design. Here are the things that make Diaper Genie so popular.

(1) The first reason should be its price: Diaper Genie costs just about $40, but the others usually cost between $70 to $90.

(2) You just need to put the soiled diapers inside and it will manage the trash by itself. That is the auto-closing mouth works, making it convenient for you to open and close the device.

(3) Diaper Genie keeps your home fresh and keeps smells away.

(4) Diaper Genie can hold up to 270 newborn diapers, keeping you staying at home with your baby instead of going out to throw diapers at a high frequency.

How to Change Diaper Genie Refill?

As the diaper, wet wipe, diaper genie refill is one of the disposable consumables in families with newborns. And you are supposed to empty Diaper Genie when the bag is full and change Diaper Genie bags when the old package runs out.

(1) Remove the old diaper genie refill and remove the plastic seal. Find the lip label and pull out the bag of approximately 18 inches that best fits your Diaper Genie and prepares for the next use. If you forget to do that, don’t worry, just pack fewer diapers than you used to.

(2) Push the bag through the center and make a tight or double knot at the end. Make sure that every inch has been fully used to avoid waste.

(3) Place the new refill at the top of the pail and make it stick perfectly. If not, you may put yourself at risk that waste and smells may run out.

(4) Replace the lid by pushing it down until you hear a snap.

Helpful Hints for Diaper Genie

(1) To maintain room freshness, empty your Diaper Genie frequently.

(2) Your newborn is completely susceptible to germs and viruses. Keep everything in the baby’s room clean. So, you ought to clean the Diaper Genie periodically. After cleaning, your Diaper Genie should be aired. Or else, germs and viruses in the pail will multiply at a high speed.

Lionpapa Generic Diaper Genie Refill

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