Is There Any Diaper Genie for Cat Litter?


Get a new cat in your home? You may be haunted by the awful smell of filthy cat litter.

If you have used Diaper Genie for your children, you would know how greatly Diaper Genie can seal odors. What if there is a product like Diaper Genie that is designed for cat litter?

Playtex, the manufacturer of Diaper Genie has designed a great product for cat owners: Litter Genie.

Let’s compare the two waste disposal systems and find the best way to deal with the soiled cat litter.


Ultimate cat litter disposal system: Litter Genie

Litter Genie has helped millions of families with cats deal with cat waste in the past decade. The cat owners who have Litter Genie say they couldn't be more into Litter Genie.

Similar to Diaper Genie, Litter Genie has a hassle-free odor control system.

The Litter Genie refill is composed of 7 layers of anti-odor film, which block the odors and germs inside the refill bag. 

The push handle contributes to preventing odors from escaping and when dumping cat litter, the odors of soiled cat litter at the bottom of the cat litter pail won’t come to you.

Finally, the body of the Litter Genie plastic pail is airtight and the lid can seal odors in the pail.


Can I use Diaper Genie for cat litter?

Some cat owners may have bought Diaper Genie for their kids. You may wonder if you can use Diaper Genie, which you’ve already got, for your cat.

Of course. You can use your Diaper Genie for cat litter. The Diaper Genie refills made-in 7 layers of plastic, a carbon filter, and the double clumps will trap cat litter stink.

It can be easier to deal with soiled cat litter with Diaper Genie, thanks to the hand-free design. But clearly, Diaper Genie is designed to hold worn diapers, it is larger than Litter Genie.

It should be noted that diapers are much lighter than soiled litter. If the canister of Diaper Genie is full of cat litter, it would be a lot heavier than a bag full of diapers. The refill bag may tear.


For cat litter: Litter Genie vs Diaper Genie

If you are considering which to buy or whether to buy an extra Litter Genie for your cat, you need to know about the differences between Diaper Genie and Litter Genie.

Here are the main differences:

Hand-free design:

Diaper Genie enables you to remove cat waste without touching the pail. Simply step on the foot pedal and pour cat litter into the pail. Then remove your feet from the pedal, and the stinky cat litter will drop to the bottom itself.

Litter Genie has no pedal, and you need to open the lid with your hand. Litter Genie uses a push handle instead of clumps. After dumping cat litter, don’t forget to push the handle to drop cat litter. If not, it can smell up your home. When pushing the handle, it requires you to hold the pail with the other hand. 



Diaper Genie is larger than Litter Genie and it can hold more cat litter than Litter Genie. But it takes up more space than Litter Genie. If you live in a small apartment, Litter Genie ought to be a better choice.



Litter Genie is cheaper than Diaper Genie. Litter Genie standard pail only costs $16.99, while the most expensive Litter Genie pail, Litter Genie XL, costs $26.99. Diaper Genie Complete, on the market, its starting price is $39.99.

Although Diaper Genie costs more than Litter Genie, the refill bag of Diaper Genie is cheaper than Litter Genie’s. A pack of Diaper Genie refill is 21 feet long while 14 feet for Litter Genie refill. And a 3-pack of refills of Litter Genie is $21.75 and that of Diaper Genie is priced at $18.49. Clearly, Diaper Genie refills are more economical.


If you are worried about spending a lot of money on it, Lionpapa’s here to help you with that. Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills are referred to as the best cheap generic Litter Genie refills.

They are made in 11 layers of EVOH materials and can seal odors as well as the original Litter Genie refills. It is compatible with both Litter Genie Standard and Plus.

A 4-pack Lionpapa generic Litter Genie refill only costs $19.99. If you buy more at once, it can be cheaper. And if you would like to use your existing Diaper Genie for cat litter, Lionpapa also offers generic Diaper Genie refills, $58.99 for a 16 pack.

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