How to Work a Diaper Genie? - Get to Know Diaper Genie


Used diapers smell up your child’s room within a few minutes. Where to store it before the garbage truck comes?

That’s why Diaper Genie came out and is becoming more and more popular. Diaper Genie has come into millions of families in the last two decades.

Whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or have just given birth, Diaper Genie should be on your shopping list.

Lionpapa will show you how to work a Diaper Genie in this blog. You will know Diaper Genie is not a luxury, but a necessity for your home.


How to install Diaper Genie?

The latest Diaper Genie, Complete comes in 3 pieces: base, head, and canister. Before you start using your Diaper Genie, you should install Diaper Genie Complete first.

Installing Diaper Genie Complete is so simple and there are just 3 steps:

First, put the base on your floor and snap the head into the base. You will hear a click that means you do the right thing. Then push the foot pedal to make sure the inner clamps open.

The second and final step is to place the canister into the base at an angle.

Now, you have your Diaper Genie Complete assembled. 


How to work a Diaper Genie?

One of the most important parts of Diaper Genie should be the innovative refill bags. So, you have to insert your Diaper Genie refill bag to work your Diaper Genie 

  • Before opening your Diaper Genie, get the refill bag prepared. Start from the sign ‘pull here’ and pull the film out.
  • Push the film from the center hole of the cartridge. 
  • Tie a tight knot at the end of the liner. Make sure the knot is tight enough. If not, baby waste in the diapers may drip out from the gaps.
  • Push the pedal to open the lid of Diaper Genie, put the refill into the diaper pail, and press slightly. Make sure to drop the knot.
  • Open the canister, grab the knotted film from the closed clamps to the bottom and close your Diaper Genie.
  • The last step is to insert the carbon filter into the lid.

Now, your Diaper Genie is ready to work. 


Should I buy a Diaper Genie?

You may think Diaper Genie is a luxury for your family. And you might be thinking that there are enough garbage pails in your house and you can simply put the soiled diapers in them.

If you think so, then you could not have been more wrong. Waste sorting aside, the odors will linger for a long time and germs will multiply. You don't want to see it in the nursery and it can harm your newborn child. 

Diaper Genie wins fans with its strong odor lock system. The special refill bag, double clamps, anti-microbial protection pail, and carbon filter work together as the ultimate odor lock system.

With Diaper Genie, your life with newborn will be simplified. You don’t have to go to the trash to throw away the stinky diapers at each diaper change. It leaves you more time to stay with your baby and keeps your home smelling fresh.

But I have to mention that Diaper Genie refills don’t come cheap. They may add to a big sum. Don’t waste your money on that. Lionpapa offers Diaper Genie users generic Diaper Genie refills.

Made of 11 layers of EVOH materials, Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills are as good as the name brand but cost less than 70% of the original refills. If you stockpile Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills alternative on Lionpapa’s brand day, it can be even cheaper.

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