What Is a Litter Genie and How Does Litter Genie Work?


Scooping and cleaning cat litter boxes might be the most annoying part of living with cats.

Is there any way to make it simpler and less disagreeable to deal with cat litter?

Yes. Litter Genie is the best cat litter disposal system. Most cat owners who have used Litter Genie say that they can’t imagine what if they live without Litter Genie.

If you are stewing about scooping and cleaning the cat litter box, consider buying a Litter Genie to help you.

This blog is going to introduce what Litter Genie is and how Litter Genie works for cat owners like you. Believe it or not, you'll love this revolutionary product.


What is Litter Genie?

Litter Genie is an ultimate cat litter disposal system, made by Playtex, the maker of Diaper Genie.

According to Playtex, Litter Genie can turn litter cleaning the litter box into something as simple as 1-2-3.

Litter Genie keeps odors inside the pail and makes you and your cat happy. Kitty urine contains multiple pheromones that have strong odors. If you don't pick up or clean your cat's litter box in time, it will smell all over the house.

In addition to the problem, your cat will probably refuse to use the litter box. Then, it will end up peeing and pooping outside the litter box, on the floor, carpet, or even in your bed.

Just thinking about it gives you a headache. I'm sure you wouldn't want to see that after a busy day.

With Litter Genie, all you have to do is scoop the soiled cat litter, open the lid and dump it into the pail, then push the handle to drop it down to the bottom.

You no longer have to go to the outdoor trash after digging or cleaning the cat litter box. It can greatly reduce your trips to the trash cans in the yard.

Overall, Litter Genie not only seals cat litter smell in the pail but makes your life with cat much more enjoyable.


How does Litter Genie work?

How to seal the smell of cat litter and keep your house fresh should be a common issue for cat owners. But how can a cat litter pail solve it?

This is thanks to the triple odor-free design: First, the multilayer cat litter refill bags are built-in odor barrier technology that seals odors inside the cat litter pail. Besides, the handle at the upper part of Litter Genie pail isolates cat litter and smells from fresh air in your home. Last, the cat Litter Genie’s pail body can protect odors from escaping.


How much will it cost to use Litter Genie?

Although Litter Genie pails are affordable, from $16.99 to $26.99, Litter Genie refills are not cheap.

A 4-pack original Litter Genie refill costs $29.99, much more than the cat litter pail cost. According to Playtex, a cartridge can lock soiled cat litter odors for 2 weeks for one cat. So, you'll need at least 6 Litter Genie refills for $45 for a year.

This means that the lifetime costs of using Litter Genie will add to a big sum. 

Fortunately, Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refill bags are as strong and durable as the original bags but cost no more than 70% of the name brand. This Litter Genie refill alternative fit well the Litter Genie standard and Litter Genie Plus pail.

Let’s try Litter Genie and Lionpapa’s alternative Litter Genie refills. This couple is worth the price.

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