The Reason Why Your Cat Is Pooping Outside the Litter Box And Solutions


When chatting with friends who have cats recently, they said that they encountered a problem. Their cats used to use the litter box and buried their excrement obediently every day, but recently the cat started to poop frequently outside the litter box. They feel helpless about this kind of behavior that seems to be deliberate.
For this case, first confirm whether you meet the following conditions when raising a cat:

 The Reason Why Your Cat Is Pooping Outside the Litter Box And Solutions


1. The cat litter box you bought is not big enough or you change it recently

If the cat is large and the litter box is small, feces will be excreted outside the litter box because the cat cannot accurately measure the position of the bowel or squat inside the cat litter box.
How do you assess if your litter box is large enough? Generally smaller than your cat's body is certainly not enough, just enough to accommodate is also not enough, it is best to be twice the size of your cat or more, so that your cat can freely excrete in it.
If you have recently changed to a new litter box, maybe your cat will also refuse to in it because it is difficult to adapt. In this case, there may not be a better solution, you can only wait for this time to pass, your cat gradually this new cat litter box, the situation will gradually get better.
Solution: Replace a larger cat litter box.


2. You didn't clean up your litter box in time and add new cat litter

If you're sure your litter box is big enough, one possible reason is that you didn't clean up the litter box and add new cat litter in time.
The cat's sense of smell is very sensitive, and a very slight odor for humans can be unbearable for cats. So if you don't clean up the litter box in time, the cat will refuse to go near the litter box because it is unbearable to the smell, let alone defecate inside.
If you find it too much trouble to clean up the litter box every day, there're some tools to help you, such as Litter Genie pail and Lionpapa's alternative refills, which can help you save more time and effort every day.
In addition, if the amount of cat litter is not enough, the depth of the cat litter is too shallow, the cat is also not willing to defecate in the cat litter box, because it is inconvenient for them to bury the excrement.
Solution: Clean up the litter box and add enough cat litter.


3. You recently changed to a new brand or a new flavor of cat litter

If your litter box is large enough and cleaned up, think about whether you have recently changed to another brand of cat litter or other flavored cat litter, your cat may not defecate in it because it doesn't like the smell and touch.
A small tip: the best cat litter must be tasteless, do not choose a scented cat litter, the cat does not like it.
Solution: Replace it with the original cat litter or something similar.

If none of the above situations exist, then it may be your cat's personality problem. Perhaps you have recently lacked companionship with it, you can accompany it more, or give it some rewards and punishments to train it to practice using the cat litter box again.

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