How to Get Rid of Smell in Diaper Pail (Deodorizer Ideas)


Most families with a newborn will buy a diaper pail at home, which is convenient most of the time and make it easier for you to throw the diapers. However, it can be a disgusting item when it is full of diapers and smells bad.
Usually, by the time you find that your diaper pail smells bad, the bacteria inside may have increased to an amount you can't imagine. Never wait for the diaper pail to stink before dealing with it, let's take some useful steps to avoid it before it affects your health.

Diaper Pail That Can Lock in Odors

Nowadays, there are many brands that produce a kind of diaper pail with an air-tight clamp to help seal off odors. This air-tight clamp divides the entire pail into upper and lower parts. All odors will be locked in the lower part.
There is a lid on the top of the upper part. When you use the pail, just open the lid, throw diapers into the diaper, step on the foot pedal and then the clamp will come loose, the dirty diaper will fall to the lower part, and the smell will not come out.
This kind of diaper disposal system make the diaper pail differ from ordinary opening pail. Below are some brands' diaper pail equipped with it.
This diaper disposal system makes the diaper pail different from the ordinary open pail, effectively avoiding unpleasant odors escaping. Now the most well-known Diaper Genie's pails are all equipped with this disposal system.

Special Refills with Built-in Antimicrobial

Parents who use Diaper Genie always use their special matching refills, which contain built-in antimicrobial in both their pails and refills. Most of the ordinary garbage bags only have a thin layer, and the special refill is composed of 7 layers of deodorant material, which forms a double guarantee together with the diaper pail.
Everything is fine, the only problem is that it is too expensive, especially considering that this is a consumable and you need to repeat the purchase many times.
Fortunately, we also have Lionpapa compatible diaper pail refills, which have the same features and quality, but the price is up to 50% less than the name-brand.

Useful Deodorizer Ideas

1. Carbon Filter

Diaper Genie's diaper pail comes with a built-in activated carbon filter on the inside of the lid, so even if a small part of the odor comes out of the lower part, it will disappear after being absorbed by the activated carbon filter.

2. Disinfecting Water

Disinfectant water has a bactericidal effect, and you can wash the entire diaper pail with disinfectant water and laundry detergent every time you replace the refill.

3. White Vinegar

White vinegar is a condiment that every family has. Not only does it make the dish more flavorful, but it also deodorizes.
Dilute the white vinegar with water in a 1:4 ratio, spray vinegar in the diaper pail, or soak the diaper pail in vinegar water, and finally rinse with clean water and place in a cool place to dry.

4. Baking Soda

Because baking soda is weakly alkaline, in addition to being used to clean acidic stains, the sour odor of used diaper can also be neutralized for deodorization.


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