Why Is My Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?


The litter box occupies an important position in your cat’s life.

Sometimes you may find your feline friend acting weird. What if your cat sleeps in the litter box a lot of the time? Confused about it?

There are many reasons why your cat behaves abnormally. They fall into 3 categories: psychological, physical, and objective.

With this blog, you will know why your pal prefers staying in the litter box even when sleeping. Don’t worry too much about your cat’s preference for the litter box. Help your cat find the rooting cause and recover from it.   


Top 6 reasons why cats sleep in the litter box

Cats are notoriously fastidious. Your cat won’t sleep in the litter box for no reason. The following are reasons why your cat keeps sleeping in the litter box instead of the nest. 


Psychological reasons


Cats are more likely to be anxious than other creatures. If you have just brought it to your home or have a new cat live with you, your cat can be over-anxious.

What if you feel anxious? Stay in somewhere you are familiar with and where makes you feel comfortable to ease the anxiety. It’s the same for your cat. Your kitten may choose to hide inside the litter box.


In most cases, your cat won’t use the litter box unless it makes your pal feel safe. If your pal feels scared, it might head in the litter box.


Physical causes


A cat on the way to becoming a mother tends to stay in a safe place. And its litter box can be the first choice, especially if there isn’t a comfortable nesting box for it.

If you have made preparations, move the nesting box closer to your cat’s litter box, and don’t forget to prepare a new nesting box for the coming kitten.


Cats sleeping in the litter box can be traced to multiple health issues, particularly urinary tract infections.

If your cat is infected with UTI, it can’t help feeling a need to pee.

Your pal will go to the litter box much more frequently than normal. It goes to the litter box and tries to pee, but leaves nothing. However, after a few minutes, the feeling of needing to pee comes back to your cat. It will repeat going to the litter box and leaving. It might sleep and lay in the litter box to avoid coming and going.


Objective reasons


It takes time to develop a new habit and end bad habits for both humans and cats. If your new cat has been forced to live in a restricted space or the litter box, it will keep the old habits.

Don’t be too concerned about it. Give your friend some time and place a comfortable bed close to the litter box. Your new family member will get used to the new home and sleep in bed soon.

Still learning

Have you just started training your kitten to use the litter box for a few days? Okay, your little cat is too small to understand this behavior quickly. It’s not surprising that your kitten mistakes the litter box for its bed. As it grows up, your cat will know what the litter box is. You can also attract your feline friend to sleep in the bed.



How do I stop my cat from sleeping in the litter box?

If you can’t make sure what to blame for your cat sleeping in the litter box, take your friend to the pet hospital to rule out health problems.

Pay attention to keeping the litter box clean to prevent any infections. If you are suffering from the odors of soiled litter, why not try Litter Genie and Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills. Keeping your home fresh also contributes to helping your cat ease its discomfort.

If you are troubled by other litter box issues, visit Lionpapa’s blogs to find out the truth.

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