Diaper Genie Instructions: Diaper Genie How to Use?


How to dispose of soiled diapers is a major challenge for new parents like yourself.

Feces in used diapers become stinky fast. If you don't cope with it properly, they will smell your room in a few minutes. 

Throwing dirty diapers in the regular trash cans seems to be okay. But if you tried, you'll know why the diaper pails were made. If your trash cans are unable to seal the smell, then the odors linger and pervade the house.

When it comes to diaper pails, Diaper Genie is worth mentioning. It has come into millions of families over the past two decades.

If you have just brought or are going to purchase a Diaper Genie, this blog will help you.  


Features of Diaper Genie

The Diaper Genie on the market is Diaper Genie Complete. It is referred to as an all-in-one diaper pail.

It is the tallest diaper pail among all the Diaper Genies. So, it requires no bending when you toss the diapers. All you need to do is step on the pedal and put the diaper into the pail. In the whole process of disposal of diapers, your hands won’t need to touch the diaper pail. It’s hygienic.

The body of Diaper Genie Complete contains a built-in antimicrobial material to keep germs from multiplying.

And with that, you may be afraid of accidents: forget to close the lid, odors run out from little gaps? Take it easy. Playtex has thought enough.

Diaper Genie Complete has double air-tite clamps, which add double odor protection. In addition to this, there is a carbon filter attached to the lid to absorb the smell. The lid and clamps will automatically close when you move your foot from the pedal.


Using and emptying Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie is best characterized by its special refill. Before the journey of Diaper Genie, there are some steps for preparation.

Insert the refill
  • Find the lip label and pull the bag out about 20 inches long.
  • Push the bag back through the center and tie a tight knot at the bottom of the bag.
  • Press the pedal and the lid along with the clamps opens.
  • Place the refill at the top of the pail and make it stick perfectly.
  • Close the pail.

Now, you can start tossing the soiled diapers into your Diaper Genie. When dirty diapers fulfill the pail, it requires you to empty your Diaper Genie.

Empty Diaper Genie

  • Press the button on the face of the pail and pull to open the pail.
  • Grasp at the top of the refill, leave about 5 inches long.
  • Use the cutter to cut off the film and tie a knot.
  • The used bag has been done. Now make the new one. Tie the bottom of the rest film and grab the knot to the bottom of the pail.
  • Close the pail and your Diaper Genie has come back to life.

The ‘pain point’ of Diaper Genie should be the expensive refill bag. Even if you make full use of every inch of the film, 1 pack lasts no more than 1 month. It costs about $6.5. And it adds to more than $70 for one year, far more than the price of the Diaper Genie Pail.

With a newborn, money does burn a hole in your pocket. Why not find a cheap alternative Diaper Genie refill?

Lionpapa focuses on producing cheap pail refills of good quality.

Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills cost $15.99 for a 4-pack, and $4 for each cartridge. And if you buy a 16-pack, the price is $58.99.

Lionpapa’s Diaper Genie refills alternative are made of 11 layers of EVON material. It can well seal the smell of stinky diapers, leaving you a fresh and enjoyable home.

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