Cat Litter Box Problems: Cat Won’t Pee in Litter Box but Will Poop


As a cat owner, you must have heard so much about cat litter box issues, or even have experienced so many litter box accidents.

Some of these can be easy to manage, but sometimes it can be confusing. Can you imagine your cat not peeing in the litter box, but pooping in it? It is difficult to understand such bizarre behavior.

Whether you have seen it before or not, it matters to you, the cat owner, to find out the rooting reason and help your feline friend get back to the normal way.


It’s cats’ nature to use the litter box.

According to experts, it is the nature of cats to use a litter box.

In the wild, it’s not as safe as indoors. Cats need to protect themselves from predators. That's why they have to cover their scent after they have relieved themselves. They often use what is already there, the sand and the ground, to accomplish this goal.

In most cases, it is easy for cats to learn how to use the litter box. But your cat might face difficulties on its way to using the litter box. Not peeing in the litter box, but pooping in it is a common but confusing litter box problem. Lionpapa has put together the main reasons why your cat doesn't pee in the litter box, but poop.


Why does my cat pee outside the litter box, but poop inside the box?

Mark the territory

It is not surprising to find animals passing messages by the urine. Cats’ urine contains multiple pheromones. When cats feel the need to spread their scent to mark the territory, they urinate intentionally outside of the litter box.

It often happens after an important change in the environment.

For example, if you just bring a new cat, dog, or other pet into your home, your old feline friend will feel a strong feeling of being aggressed.

To guard its ‘sovereignty’ and show its position in the family, your cat may act weird and give full play to its nature. So, your pal can urinate outside the litter box even if it has got the hang of using the litter box for a long time.


Urinary tract infection

Peeing outside the litter box is a common symptom of urinary tract infection. This discourages your cat from urinating in the litter box. It makes it difficult for your cat to pee.

However, cats are good at hiding health problems and pain. Changes in behavior can be the only clue. So, as a cat owner, you should keep an eye on your friend's condition. Then, take your cat to the pet hospital as soon as you find out anything wrong.


How to stop my cat from peeing outside?

If your cat's abnormal behavior is related to changes at home, stay longer with your cat to help it get through that. If you bring a new family member home, interact with your cat just like before.

Remove the smell of urine from the stains as soon as possible to prevent your cat from peeing at the same spot again.

If this is because of health problems, follow your vet's advice and be there for your friend.

In addition, keeping the litter clean is necessary to prevent your cat from peeing out of the litter box. Scoop the cat litter at least once a day.

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