Why Does My Diaper Genie Smell and What to Do?


For new parents like you, Diaper Genie is ideal for containing the terrible stench of your lovely baby’s waste.


But, the moon dims or shines.

After a period of use, some families find the inside of Diaper Genie retains that smell even after the diapers are removed.

Smell is not the only thing you should pay attention to. Your Diaper Genie might harbor mold, which can threaten your life and your baby’s life if you ignore it!


It’s our mission to help new parents and newborn babies better enjoy their life. We have figured out the top reasons and solutions for you.

In this blog, we will show you the importance of keeping your Diaper Genie clean and guide you to clean your Diaper Genie step by step.

Let’s go on your reading to get rid of stinky smell and breathe freely when opening or emptying your diaper pail.


Why does my Diaper Genie stink and what to do with it?

Here are the main reasons behind your smelly Diaper Genie and the best solutions tried by families.


Reason 1: the refill bags of poor quality

Diaper Genie seals smell by the special construction. Inside of the pail, it is the Diaper Genie refills who do this job.

Once the refill bag tears or is bad seal, the fecal funk will run out to the pail and your Diaper Genie smells. Then when you open or empty the Diaper Genie, the smell comes to you from the pail. Oh, the fecal funk!


Reason 2: the knot is not tight

When installing or emptying the diaper pail bags, you have to make a knot at the bottom of the film.

However, if you fail to tie a tight knot, your baby’s waste will leak down to your pail from the gaps.

Imagine that the waste decays and ferments at the bottom of your Diaper Genie for several days. What a mess!


Solution 1: replace your old Diaper Genie refills with a strong and durable diaper pail refill

Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refill bags are designed to help you.

As a Diaper Genie user, you may know that the refill bag of the name brand consists of 7 layers.


Lionpapa Diaper Genie pail refills are made of 11 layers of EVOH materials, stronger and more durable than the original bags.

Worry about your budget? Lionpapa offers you diaper pail refills at low prices.

In general, it cost $15.99 for 4-pack, only $4 for each pack. If you buy a set of 16-pack, $58.99, only $3.68 for a pack.

Besides, if you subscribe to our official website (www.lionpapa.com) to join our monthly brand day, there will be insider-only discounts.


Solution 2: clean your Diaper Genie

Keeping your Diaper Genie clean is necessary to prevent the smell.

Don’t forget to clean your stinky diaper pail when you change the refills. Make sure your pail is dry before it goes back to work.


Solution 3: Deodorizing your diaper pail

What can you do if there remains a faint smell? Diaper Genie deodorizers should be a good choice because they are easy to use and useful.

 1. Baking soda

Baking soda is great for deodorizing due to its chemical properties. You just have to sprinkle it at the bottom of your Diaper Genie every time you empty your pail.

2. Coffee filter

Put a coffee filter at the bottom of your diaper pail.

3. Half lemon with salt

As well-known to us, lemon can deodorize, remove grease and bleach stains. Place a halved lemon dipped in salt at the bottom of Diaper Genie to absorb the smell.

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