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Expensive Diaper Genie refills

If you are a new parent or are going to have a baby, you must be familiar with Diaper Genie pails. Since 2013, Diaper Genie has come into 4 million families, keeping their nursery smelling fresh.


However, for most families, the experience with Diaper Genie is not as pleasant as it seems. If you own the popular Diaper Genie diaper pail, you are likely to know what I am going to say.

What costs is not the Diaper Genie pail, but the Diaper Genie refills. Diaper Genie expressions with starter refill costs $27.99, while the most expensive Diaper Genie: Complete pail with built-in odor controlling antimicrobial and a refill is no more than $50.


But even if you buy its original refill bags on sale, each pack won’t cost less than $6.16 ($18.49 for 3-pack).


Let’s make an account together: Even though you try your best to make use of every inch, it will run at least 1 pack for every month. Then, for a year, it’s 12 packs, $74, much more than your pail. Every penny saved here adds up!

With a new baby, you will have a lot to spend on her or him. It’s not worth spending too much on Diaper Genie refills.


Off-brand alternative refills of poor quality or high price

You can find over 10 brands that sell Diaper Genie refills alternative. But the majority of them are unpleasant.


Some cheap Diaper Genie refill cost less than the original refill bags, but too easy to tear. It requires you to be extremely careful when changing or emptying diaper bags.

In the meantime, they are no different from ordinary garage bags, unable to seal the smell as well as Diaper Genie pail refill. You might have to live with faint stinky smell.

Some are really difficult to find where to begin or don’t fit the pails.


Others cost just a little cheaper than the name brand. Take Amazon brand – Mama Bear Diaper Genie refills as an example, $22.18 for 4 packs, $5.545 for every pack, $66.54 for 12 packs in a year.

The cost is not very different from choosing the name brand.

These alternatives to Diaper Genie refills are not that worth trying.

The best diaper genie refills alternative

By now, you might be a little confused: what can you do with Diaper Genie refill? Only have to choose the original bags?

Of course not. There is a perfect Diaper Genie refills alternative: Lionpapa generic Diaper Genie refills.


A 4-pack Lionpapa Diaper Genie costs just $15.99, less than $4/pack. Each pack can last for 4 weeks with one cat. In addition, the more you buy for one time shopping, the cheaper is the price: $58.99 for a 16-pack, $3.68/ pack, less than 60% of the name brand.


Lionpapa has solved all the problems mentioned above.

The shape of the pack can fit your pail well and there will be an indicator: pull here to start.

Last but not least,Lionpapa’s Diaper Genie refills alternative is composed of 11 layers of EVOH materials, more durable and stronger than other brands. The terrible smell of diapers will be locked inside your bags.

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