What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing? 6 Potential Methods


Certainly, cat owners love their feline friends. They buy cat food, cat toys, share private time and space, and even cook cat food by hand for their cats.

But sometimes cats can behave in inappropriate ways, such as peeing outside the litter box. Cat urine is smelly because there are pheromones that help your cat mark their territory. They can recognize the smell of urine and tend to relieve themselves on the same spot.

But your cat lives in your house, urine will destroy your personal belongings, such as your sofa, carpet, bed, etc.

So, how to stop cats from peeing on things?

Some scents discourage cats from peeing. Lionpapa has listed the smells that deter cats from peeing. Read on to learn about it.


7 smells deter cats from peeing


Lavender is famous for its particular smell and people often use it to treat stress and anxiety. The fragrance of lavender helps to calm your cat and reduce anxiety and stress. But if your cat inhales too much lavender oil, it could be poisonous due to its concentration.

Plant lavender in your backyard to prevent cats from peeing in your backyard.



Coffee has its pungent smell and cats are sensitive to it. Store a handful of coffee beans or coffee grounds in an old sack or sock. Then place it near your furniture. The smell will turn your cat off and stop cats from peeing.



Peppermint is used to help people refresh themselves with a strong scent. It should be one of the top scents that cats hate. Your friend will try to avoid it at any price.

Keep a pot of mint in the corner or in the bedroom where you don't want your cat to go. 



All cats hate citrus scents. Lemon, oranges are natural cat repellents. They will prevent your cats from relieving themselves on your furniture and keep your room fresh in the meantime.



Housewives generally use white vinegar as an odor remover. It has a strong scent and can dissolve smelly substances. And it’s quite affordable.

Spray it on your items to keep your cat from peeing or eliminate odors after your cat has urinated on them.



Cinnamon is often found in the kitchen and spices dishes up by its special spicy smell. It not only deters your cat from peeing, but can also cover the persistent odor of cat urine.

Use cinnamon sticks rather than powder. Cinnamon powder is inappropriate for indoor use. If your cat eats cinnamon sticks, it can cause gastrointestinal disorders. Pay attention to it.


Finally, the premise is that you have prepared a clean and suitable litter box for your friend. Cats are picky. They won’t relieve themselves in a dirty litter box.

Keep the litter box clean and scoop, change the cat litter regularly. But that’s not all. How to deal with the soiled cat litter?

That’s why Litter Genie arrived. It helps cat owners seal the odors in the pail and keeps your room fresh. And Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills are highly praised by our customers. Lionpapa’s alternative litter genie refills cost only 70% of the original refills. They are as strong and durable as the refills of the name brand.

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