How to Stop Cat from Peeing on Carpet? Why Does My Cat Do So?


Cat urine gives off a strong odor and lasts a long time. It is difficult to eliminate cat pee odors, especially if your cat pees on the carpet.

Cats usually use litter boxes. But sometimes accidents can happen to you.  When you open your door after a day's work, it is the smell of cat urine on the carpet, rather than your cat, that welcomes you. Or one morning, cat urine odors wake you up. So annoying!

However, anger doesn't solve any problems. Only by finding the root cause and taking steps can prevent your cat from peeing on the carpet again. Lionpapa has done the research for cat owners like you.

In this blog, we will show you the reasons why your cat pees on the carpet and how to get your cat to stop peeing on the carpet.


Why is your cat peeing on the carpet?

Cat urine on rug may be traced to several factors. 

Medical issues

First, it's important to rule out medical issues. Some diseases can alter the toilet behavior of your cat. If your cat shows sluggishness or other abnormal behavior, talk to your vet.

Litter box issues

Consider the litter box issues. How often do you clean the litter box for your friend? Does your cat love the litter box and the cat litter you choose? Is the litter box in the right place?

Cats are fastidious and need privacy. If the litter box has not been cleaned in time or if there is any noise, they will go where they feel comfortable to pee, rug, or even on your bed.

Keeping more than one cat

Cats are territorial. If you keep several cats together, they will mark their territory by spraying on items.

Cats dislike sharing litter boxes with others. If the litter boxes are not enough, they prefer to pee outside the litter boxes. 


Ways to stop your cat peeing on the carpet

Cats think differently than people. They're not born to know what we like and don't like. When you find your cat pee on the carpet, show your displeasure to let your pal know that you don’t like it.

Then remove the cat urine smell from the carpet to prevent your cat from recognizing the smell and peeing on the same spot.

Here are suggestions on how to deter cats from peeing on the carpet.

1. Medical problem

If it is related to health problems, take your cat to the animal hospital. Then describe your cat's abnormal behavior to your veterinarian and follow the advice of your veterinarian.

2. Make your cat love the litter box

To begin with, buy a new litter box and cat litter of a new brand. Observe your pal’s reaction and stick with the one your cat prefers. For example, when relieving itself, your cat needs to be relaxed. A larger litter box is more likely to be accepted by your cat.

You have to keep the litter box away from the noise. Don’t put it close to noisy appliances.

Make sure your cat is able to enter and exit the litter box easily. Remove obstacles that keep your cat out of the litter box.

Keep the litter box clean.

Scoop the clumps at least once a day and change the cat litter every week. Don’t let the stinky smell prevent your cat from peeing inside the litter box.

Litter Genie and Lionpapa’s generic litter genie refill can help you with that. The two products can greatly reduce cat litter smell at home and leave you more time to play with your pal instead of going to the trash often.

Lionpapa’s generic litter genie refill is the best alternative to the original litter genie refill. It helps you save money and is comparable to litter genie refill.

3. For families with multiple cats

Please ensure each cat has its own litter box. If you are not sure who is to blame, separate them into various areas of your home and find the culprit. Then train them to use their litter boxes. If the accident stops, get it back to where it was.

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