Litter Champ vs Litter Genie – Which to Buy for My Cat?


Cat litter disposal systems should be revolutionary. 

Cat litter pails have changed the way cat owners clean cat litter. They allow cat owners like you to reduce trips to outdoor trash cans and keep your house odor-free.

Both Litter Genie and Lucy Champ Litter Champ are popular cat litter pails. They have been sold for more than a decade and have come to millions of families with cats. 

If you are wondering which cat litter pail to buy from these two pails, this blog will help you a lot. Let’s know about the common and differences between Litter Champ and Litter Genie.


Common of Litter Genie and Litter Champ

Both Litter Genie and Litter Champ are the top 5 cat litter waste receptacles. They can help you keep your home smelling fresh and make it easier to clean the cat litter box.

Litter Champ shares many similarities with Litter Genie:

Liner: Both Litter Genie and Litter Champ need to be used with special refill liners.

Mounted cutter: When emptying Litter Genie and Litter Champ, the cutters attached to the pail can help you cut off the liner easily.

Litter scoop: All Litter Genies and Litter Champs come with plastic cat litter scoops.


Differences between Litter Champ and Litter Genie


Price: Litter Genie is available in 3 models: $16.99 for Litter Genie Standard pail, $21.99 for Litter Genie Plus pail and $26.99 for Litter Genie XL pail, while Litter Champ is priced at $29.99.

Material: Only Litter Genie Plus is built-in antimicrobial.

Odor locking system: Excluding the pail body and the liner refill, there is a handle at the upper of Litter Genie. It is designed to isolate the soiled cat litter and fresh air in your home. Litter Champ achieves it by the innovative triple sealing lid. 

Capacity: Although the volume of Litter Champ is only a little bigger than Litter Genie Standard and Plus, the capacity of Litter Champ is 15 liters and only 7 liters for Litter Genie Standard and Plus. That’s due to the push handle that takes up much space. Litter Genie XL pail can hold used cat litter up to about 10 liters.

Liner refill bag: The Litter Genie standard square refill makes it easy to change Litter Genie, but to change Litter Champ, you have to remove the empty refill cartridge, and replace the Litter Champ liner around the outside of the cartridge.

Besides, both the original Litter Genie refills and Litter Champ refills are not affordable. A 3-pack Litter Champ refill costs $20.00. And Litter Genie refill is priced at $21.75 for a 3-pack.

When you get here, you're probably looking to buy cheap generic refills. Lionpapa's generic Litter Genie refills go by the name of the best Litter Genie refill alternative. They cost no more than 70% of the name-brand refills and are as strong and durable as the original refills. But it's hard to find generic Litter Champ refills on the market.

Foot pedal design: With the foot pedal, Litter Champ enables you to open the cat litter pail by stepping on the pedal, while you have to open the lid of Litter Genie by your hand.

Childproof design: There is an inside lid after opening the lid of Litter Champ. The childproof lock on the inner lid can prevent your children or pets from making a mess.



If you prefer a cat litter pail of big capacity and can take the trouble to change the refill, then pick Litter Champ.

Don’t want to waste time changing refills, Litter Genie Plus or Litter Genie Standard can be excellent choices for families with 1 cat. If you keep multiple cats cat home, buy Litter Genie XL pail.

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