What Causes Cat Acne?


A large portion of young people is suffering or have suffered from acne.

However, can you imagine that the same thing happens to cats? Reality has shown that cat acne does exist and may affect kitty frequently. How does this happen and why?

These questions remain unclear.

There are several things that a cat owner or a prospective owner is supposed to notice to help the kitty recover as soon as possible.

Read on and find out more about the health of your cat.

What is Cat Acne?

Cat acne is officially known as follicular keratinization. When the hair follicles of cats are blocked due to over-production of keratin, a protein found in the skin, cat acne develops.

As a common skin issue, feline acne is usually seen around the chin and lips of cats, commonly known as cat chin acne, and can spread throughout the body.

It looks like blackheads or whiteheads in humans. If it gets worse, other symptoms may occur in cats, such as hair loss, redness, and even nodules or bleeding scabs

What Causes Cat Acne?

Human beings have oil-producing glands, and so do cats.

If the oil has been overproduced and can’t be cleaned in time, the hair follicles around these glands become clogged.

Another major reason is allergy. The following are specific circumstances: how cat acne forms.

(1) Allergy to fleas or environmental triggers, such as pollen and fungal spores, leads to cat acne. Therefore, cat owners should prevent their cats from fleas and other types of allergies.

(2) The material of food and water dishes may affect the health of cats. As many cats are sensitive to plastic, replacing the plastic food and water dishes with stainless steel trays can help cat owners to deal with this issue.

(3) There is nothing comparable to good sanitary conditions for keeping skin healthy. Poor grooming can give rise to cat acne.

(4) Pimples persist during adolescence, and so does cat acne. Cats from 2 to 4 years are more likely to have cat acne.

(5) Food sensitivities may cause cat acne.

How to Treat Cat Acne?

If your cat has acne, helping him or her to go back to normal life should be an urgent task. Here are some tips you can try before the appointment for an examination with your veterinarian.

(1) Substitute stainless steel tray for your plastic feed and water dishes to avoid allergy.

(2) Clean the bowl more frequently and keep your cat’s activity area clean. This may reduce the risk of allergy.

(3) You should consider applying a warm compress to help loosen up the pores and increase circulation if permitted by your cat. With the oil escaping from the surface of the skin and the hair follicles unblocked, cat acne starts to recover.

(4) Clean your cat’s chin area with mild antibacterial hand soap and warm water.

(5) Remember not to use any acne products intended for humans on cats before a veterinarian allows it.

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