How to Treat Cat Acne?


Cat is one of the best friends of our human beings. A large number of people keep a cat or cats to stay away from being alone. Cat can comprehend your feelings and interact with you like a friend.

However, cats and humans are sometimes affected by the same disease. One of the most common is acne. Humans may have acne, and so do cats.

Acne is an excruciating, recurring disease, itching, aching, etc. Those who have suffered from it would know how painful it is. Imagine what would happen if your cat were to go through this terrible thing. Please go on reading for your cat.

How to Treat Cat Acne?

Both humans and cats are susceptible to acne, but the causes differ. Although the developing system remains unclear, we have found several factors and effective measures for this disease.

Allergies to fleas and environmental triggers lead to feline acne. Being sensitive to plastic is also a primary reason.

Both recurring symptoms and a single breaking are likely to occur to your cat when he or she has cat acne. And sometimes it may develop into severe feline acne. It does matter to know how to treat cat acne.

(1) The first thing you should try is to substitute steel, glass, or ceramic bowls with plastic bowls for food and water. Cat scratches often and makes the surface of the plastic bowls crater, creating a small nasty playground for bacteria.

(2) Use hot water and soap to wash the bowls more frequently, at least once a day. Reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

(3) A warm compress applied to the affected area of your cat if permitted, may help reduce swelling.

(4) Consult your vet about which brand of face wipe and medicated shampoo to help clear up the breakout.

(5) Ointments can also help clear acne.

(6) Feed antibiotics to your cat if your vet suggests it.

(7) Steroid injection would be suggested by your vet if it becomes serious.

(8) Do not use any acne products on your cat except as allowed by your vet.

Will Cat Acne Appear Again?

Cat acne becomes a recurring condition sometimes. All you can do is help your kitty avoid relapses or prolong the intervals between eruptions by keeping your cat's space strictly clean and keeping your cat well groomed.

If your cat suffers from it frequently, make an appointment with your vet to get professional advice.


How to Prevent Cat Acne?

  • As acne is a skin issue, the most important is cleanliness.
  • To avoid skin problems, please broom your kitty regularly.
  • Although hygiene improves, cat acne often goes away. It still matters to check your cat's chin and the symptoms regularly.

Lionpapa Automatic Cat Feeder

Using stainless steel bowls is one of the most effective remedies. Do not hesitate to buy such a bowl for your beloved cat to help him or her prevent acne.

Lionpapa's Automatic Cat Feeder should be your primary choice.

Removable food-grade bowls: one self-feeding cat bowl made of ABS material and the other in stainless steel tray, allowing you to clean the feeder easily, Lionpapa's smart electronic automatic cat feeder aims to help your cat avoid acne.

The built-in setup program in the programmable cat feeder is also very easy to operate, making it easy to customize a healthy diet for your cat.


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