Litter Genie Plus vs Litter Genie XL – Which is best?



Want to buy a cat litter pail, but be confused by various products? 

Don’t worry. Lionpapa has been focused on cat care for 3 years. We are familiar with different cat litter pails. 

Among the various cat litter pails, Litter Genie should be the most widely used one. Litter Genie is available in three different versions: Litter Genie Standard, Litter Genie Plus, and Litter Genie XL. 

Lionpapa will compare Litter Genie Plus and Litter Genie XL pails in this blog. After reading, you will find out what is best for you.


Commons of Litter Genie Plus and XL

Function: Both Litter Genie Standard and XL pail are effective ways to lock away cat litter odors and germs. Litter Genie cat litter pails can greatly reduce your trips to the trash.

Odor lock system: The odor lock systems of Litter Genie XL and Litter Genie Standard pail are the same. There are innovative Litter Genie refills, push handle, and the cat litter pail body.

Accessory: All Litter Genie pails come with a cat litter scoop, a scoop holder, and a cartridge of Litter Genie refill.


Differences between Litter Genie Plus and XL

Capacity: Litter Genie Plus pail can hold cat litter for up to 14 days for 1 cat, while Litter Genie XL can hole 50% more, 21 days for 1 cat. And Litter Genie XL is 5’’ taller than Litter Genie Plus pail.

Pail body: Only Litter Genie Plus is antimicrobial on pail that can inhibit odors caused by germs. Litter Genie XL cat litter pail is made of the same plastic as the Litter Genie Standard pail.

Structure: Litter Genie Plus is nondetachable, while you can remove the head of the Litter Genie XL pail.

That means the Litter Genie XL cat litter pail consists of two parts: the head and the canister.


Who should buy Litter Genie Plus?

Litter Genie Plus can better control cat litter smell thanks to the antimicrobial pail.

If you keep only a cat with you in your house, needless to say, that Litter Genie Plus cat litter pail is the best choice for you.

In addition, if you keep multiple cats in your home and plan to have more cat litter boxes, then Litter Genie Plus is also the best option. You can place Litter Genie XL pails next to the cat litter boxes, making it easier to clean cat litter boxes. 

If you are looking for generic Litter Genie refills, please don’t hesitate to buy Lionpapa’s alternative Litter Genie refills. They are considered the best cheap Litter Genie refills which are compatible with the Litter Genie Standard and Litter Genie XL pails.

It is the excellent quality and high-cost performance that wins the approval of customers. Litter Genie refills alternative from Lionpapa are 30% cheaper than original Litter Genie refills.


Who is Litter Genie XL designed for?

According to the manufacturer of Litter Genie, the Litter Genie XL pail is designed for families with more than one cat. It can hold up to 21 days for a cat. 

If you have a cat and want to empty the litter box less frequently, you can also purchase a Litter Genie XL.

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