How to Get Cat Pee Smell out of Clothes?



Cats are popular cats. People enjoy snuggling up to their cats to relax. Cuddling up to cats and feeling the warmth of cats can effectively alleviate fatigue for cat lovers.

However, accidents can sometimes take place. Your feline friend may pee on you. It can be a nightmare. Cat urine can linger over a long period and even destroy your clothes.

Cat peeing on clothes can be a universal experience for car owners. Getting cat pee smell out of clothes should be one of the essential skills for cat owners. 


How to get cat urine smell out of clothes?

Here are some tips to remove most cat urine from clothes after peeing on your clothes.

Absorbing cat urine

To remove the cat urine odors from clothes, the first step should be to remove cat urine from your clothes. The less urine remains on the clothes, the easier it will be to get the odors out of clothes.

Blotting the cat pee from clothes is the easiest, but the most important step. If you leave too much cat urine on the clothes, it will diffuse to a larger area. Things would be even worse. 

If the stain is still wet when you find it, put paper towels or old cloth on the stain as soon as possible to absorb the cat urine from your clothes. Change the paper towels when they get wet. 

If you are not sure whether there are other stains, use ultraviolet light to discover stains. Cat urine stains glow under ultraviolet light.


Some chemical cleaners can effectively neutralize the cat urine acid, such as baking soda. Simply mix baking soda and water and spread it on the stain for 15 to 20 minutes.

There are also cleaning products designed for cat urine. You can buy it from the pet store. 


Never use cleaners that contain bleach on cat urine stains. When ammonia in cat urine meets bleach, it will create harmful gases.

In addition, cats may mistake the ammonia smell for the urine spot. They are likely to pee at the same place. So, avoid using ammonia to pretreat the cat pee stains.


After pretreatment of the cat urine stains, the final step is to wash your clothes.

First, wash clothes in cold water. Hot water denatures protein and sets the smell on your clothes.

Besides, use laundry soap that contains enzymes. Enzymes can help to speed up reactions.

Last, let your clothes air dry. The heat of the dryer can make the cat urine odors linger permanently. 


Things to watch out for

Health problems

In most cases, it can be attributed to health problems as the cat urinates out of the litter box. 

Urinary tract problems make cats pain and urinate more than usual. Drinking and peeing more can be symptoms of kidney and liver diseases. 

If your cat suddenly begins to pee outside the cat litter box, take your feline friend to the pet hospital to rule out health problems.

Litter box issues

When your cat dislikes the litter box, cat litter, or even the position of the litter box, it will refuse to use the litter box.

Last but not least, always keep the cat litter box clean. Cats are too picky. They won’t use dirty litter boxes. Clean the cat litter box at a fixed time and dump soiled cat litter into your Litter Genie. Don’t worry about wasting the refill bags. Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills can perfectly lock cat litter odors and cost no more than 70% of the name brand.


If you want to figure out the reasons why your cat pees and poops outside the litter box in detail, read our blog: Why is my cat pooping on the floor

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