10 Amazing Litter Box Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Fresh Ⅱ


This is the second blog post of Lionpapa’s series of 10 amazing litter box cleaning hacks.
In Lionpapa’s last blog, we have listed 4 litter box cleaning tips to help you stop cat litter from smelling up your house.
In this blog, we will go on to learn the other 6 litter box cleaning hacks.

Prepare enough litter boxes

Cats are territorial and don’t like to share litter boxes.

For families with multiple cats, every cat should have at least one its own litter box. It would be better to buy the number of cats plus one litter box.

If the litter boxes are not enough, you will find some cats peeing and pooping outside the litter boxes, and others even sleeping in them.

For God’s sake, never be economical with litter boxes.


Use a litter mat

It is inevitable that cats leave litter out of their litter boxes. You must don’t want to pick it up after your cats every time they come out of the litter boxes.

Litter mats are designed to prevent cats from tracking the litter all over the house. The litter on your cat’s paws will stick to the mat and you can simply dump it back into the litter box.

While you need to clean the carpet thoroughly from time to time, it is much easier than without the litter mat.


Buy a Litter Genie and alternative Litter Genie refills

According to millions of cat households, Litter Genie is the best way to help cat owners control the litter smell and keep cats happy to have a clean box.

With Litter Genie, scooping and cleaning the litter box becomes as easy as 1-2-3: Scoop the soiled cat litter, drop the slumps and pull the handle to drop it down to the bottom of the cat litter pail.

A Litter Genie is no more than $26.99, but the cost of Litter Genie refills will add up to a big sum. Luckily, there are generic Litter Genie refills.

However, not all the alternative Litter Genie refills are worthwhile. Some are only a little cheaper than the original Litter Genie refill bags, and some are cheap but tear easily. So, where to find strong and affordable generic Litter Genie refills?

Lionpapa is here. Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refill bags have helped thousands of Litter Genie users. This alternative Litter Genie refills go by the name of the best cheap Litter Genie refills. 

Compared with the original Litter Genie refills, Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills are made of 11 layers of EVOH materials, stronger. And each pack costs less than 70% of the name brand on regular days. There are also insider-only discounts on our monthly brand day and holidays. You can subscribe to Lionpapa’s official website: www.lionpapa.com to enjoy discounts.


Add odor deodorizers

Odor eliminators like baking soda can contribute to keeping your house smelling fresh. Simply sprinkle it at the bottom of the litter box.

Spray some air neutralizer into your room. Don’t pick scented air fresheners that will overwhelm your feline friends.


Try self-cleaned litter box

Most self-cleaned litter boxes allow you to set two modes: auto-cleaning mode and scheduled cleaning mode. With the cat litter clumps cleaned more frequently and sealed in the waste collection bin, it won’t smell up your room.

But self-cleaned litter boxes are expensive. If you have the budget to pay, try a self-cleaned litter box.


Replace the litter frequently and deep clean the litter box

If you are using clumping cat litter, change the litter box at least every two weeks. For non-clumping cat litter, you need to replace the litter more frequently, about once a week.

When cleaning the litter box, wash it with warm soapy water. Chemical cleaners may hurt your cats, so don’t add them to the water to wash the litter box.

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