Diaper Genie Elite vs Complete: Which One Is Better?



If you are awaiting the arrival of a newborn or are having trouble coping with soiled diapers, then you can't afford to miss the Diaper Genie.

Both the Diaper Genie Complete and the Diaper Genie Elite are excellent options for families with newborns. But which one is better for your family?

Let's explore the similarities and differences between the Diaper Genie Elite and the Diaper Genie Complete. By the end of this blog, you'll have the answer.


Why is Diaper Genie so popular?


The arrival of a newborn is a cause for celebration, but are you ready for the responsibility that comes with it?

Dealing with soiled diapers can be one of the toughest parts of caring for your newborn. Baby feces can quickly produce an unpleasant odor if you simply toss used diapers in the corner or regular garbage cans.

Keep your home smelling fresh with Playtex's Diaper Genie, which effectively seals in odors with its built-in antimicrobial and special refill bags.

Reduce the number of trips to the trash can by using the Diaper Genie, which can hold up to 50 used diapers (depending on their size). Instead of running outside to the garbage can after every diaper change, you'll only need to empty the Diaper Genie every 5 to 7 days, leaving you with more time to spend with your little one.


Features of Diaper Genie Complete


  1. With its 27-inch-tall design and foot pedal, the Diaper Genie allows you to dispose of used diapers without having to bend down.

  2. Both the pail body and refill bag are equipped with antimicrobial properties that effectively suppress bacteria.

  3. The double Air-Tite clamps help to mask unpleasant diaper odors more effectively.

  4. The upgraded Diaper Genie Complete boasts a sleeker and more modern design.

  5. The carbon filter at the top of the pail absorbs any escaping odors.

  6. The Diaper Genie is available in four colors: white, pink, blue, and gray.


Features of Diaper Genie Elite


  1. Thanks to the foot pedal at the bottom of the Diaper Genie, you don't have to touch the used diapers when disposing of them.

  2. When emptying the Diaper Genie Elite, the pail will separate into two pieces and rest on the floor.

  3. The clamping mechanism seals the bag temporarily, preventing any odors from escaping when the lid is open.

  4. When the lid is fully open, you won't be able to push the diaper down to the bottom. However, once you take your foot off the pedal, the diaper will drop down into the pail.


What are the differences between Diaper Genie Elite and Complete?

Despite both being popular choices for new parents, the Diaper Genie Complete and Diaper Genie Elite have some notable differences.

1. Height: The Diaper Genie Complete stands at 27 inches tall, while the Diaper Genie Elite is only 21.5 inches tall.

2. Capacity: Despite being taller, the Diaper Genie Complete actually holds fewer used diapers than the Diaper Genie Elite because it is thinner.

3. Carbon Filter: Unlike the Diaper Genie Complete, the Diaper Genie Elite does not have a carbon filter at the top.

4. Open button: To empty the Diaper Genie Elite, the button to open the pail is located in the middle of the pail body, and pushing it will cause the body to split into two pieces. For the Diaper Genie Complete, the button is located at the upper-middle part of the pail.

5. Emptying: Although the Diaper Genie Elite takes up more floor space when emptying, it may be easier to empty and change due to the way the pail opens fully.

6. Availability: The Diaper Genie Complete is widely available, while the Diaper Genie Elite has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


The most frequently asked question – Where to find generic Diaper Genie refills?

Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refills have helped thousands of new parents.

Quality: The film of Lionpapa’s alternative Diaper Genie refills is made of 11 layers of EVOH material. They are the same strong and durable as the original refill bags.

Price: Each cartridge of Lionpapa’s generic Diaper Genie refill costs less than $4.

Lionpapa Diaper Genie refills (4-pack) $15.99 vs. $18.49 Diaper Genie refills (3-pack). If you buy more at once, it is even cheaper. For example, for 8-pack, Playtex’s refills cost $47.99, while Lionpapa’s generic refills only cost $30.99.

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