10 Amazing Litter Box Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Fresh Ⅰ


Cleaning the litter box is not only for your cat but for you and your family as well. If you don’t clean it in time, your cat may refuse to use the dirty litter box and it will smell up your house.

Furthermore, if your cat doesn’t go to the litter box, it will end up peeing and pooping on the floor or even in your bed. What a disaster!

Although cleaning the litter box can be the most undesirable part of living with cats, you are supposed to take responsibility.

Fortunately, Lionpapa has collected 10 litter box cleaning hacks and tips for you. With that, it will leave a better experience for both you and your feline friend to clean the litter box.

In this blog, you will learn the first 4 litter box cleaning tips. And we will introduce the other 6 litter box cleaning hacks in the next blog.


Add cleaning the litter box to your routine

Cleaning the litter box requires you to not only clean it up but do it at least once a day.

Cat feces decay and get stinky fast. If cat waste stays in the litter box for a long time, it will smell up your house. On the other hand, the risk of toxoplasmosis infection will increase.

Develop the habit of scooping the litter box at a fixed time. Add it to your routine. Here are some ideas for daily litter cleaning:

After cleaning your teeth

After feeding your cat

Before taking a shower



Change the location of litter box

Where you place the litter box can directly decide whether your cat will go to the litter box.

Only when your cat feels relaxed will it relieve itself. So, a litter box in a noisy place can discourage your cat from peeing and pooping inside the litter box.

Moreover, you should facilitate the entry and exit of your cat in the litter box. Never stop your cat from using the litter box by enclosing it.


Consider changing cat litter

If you find your cat has difficulty using the litter box, the cat litter may be to blame.

Certain smells deter cats from using the litter box, such as lavender, coffee, and peppermint. And the cat litter in small particles is easy to stick on your cat’s paws. Then your cat might be wrestling with it.

Once you find your cat's favorite cat litter, stick to it. 


Choose the right litter box

A suitable litter box can prevent your cat from relieving itself outside the litter box.  And cat needs different litter boxes in different stages of life.

When your cat is just a kitten, a full-sized litter box is too large and can frighten your little cat. And for an adult cat, if the litter box is not big enough, then it is too cramped and makes your feline friend uncomfortable. 

Experts suggest changing plastic litter boxes once a year for your cat to better control odors and meet your cat’s needs. The longer your cat uses a plastic litter box, the more scratches will be on the inner surface.  It can be difficult to clean the litter box and control the odors.

But a stainless cat litter box can solve this problem. It lasts much longer and is more environmentally friendly than plastic.

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