How to Dispose of Cat Litter Properly?


Litter is what cats use to bury their poop. It is usually used in conjunction with the litter box, hence the name "cat toilet".
Owners need to remove poop in the litter by using a cat litter scoop every day. If the you don’t know how to dispose the cat litter properly, the following is a specific content at the cat litter disposal and what to pay attention to when choosing.

how to dispose of cat litter

1. Clean cat litter on time

Cat litter is used every day by cats, so keep it clean so your cat doesn't get tired of using it. As we all know that cats are notoriously clean animals, if the litter is dirty, they might be tempted to skip the litter and mess around indoors.
Cat litter should be cleaned after the cat defecates. If the cat owner is busy at work and does not have time to clean the cat litter, it can be cleaned before going out in the morning and again before going to bed in the evening to keep the cat litter clean.
If you couldn’t stand the bad smell of cat litter in the house, you might as well try a combination of Litter Genie pail and Lionpapa litter genie refill. They are good at isolating odors and are easy to use. With them, you no longer have to feel troublesome of cleaning cat litter.

2. Change the litter regularly

how to dispose of cat litter

Cat litter is not permanent and needs to be replaced regularly.
If the litter is not replaced for a long time, the bacteria in it can build up.
Not only are cats reluctant to use litter that has not been replaced for a long time, but forcing them to use it can be harmful to their health.
Therefore, cat owners should pay attention to the regular replacement of the cat litter, usually half a month.
If you're a clean person, you can change your litter every two weeks, depending on what kind of litter you use and your personal habits.
If you use tofu litter, your cat's urine can become caked. As long as you clean the litter every day carefully, you can change it every 2 weeks.
But if you use non-curdle litter, or if you are keeping a lot of cats (three or more), it's best to completely replace them once a week or less.

3. How to choose proper cat litter? 

how to dispose of cat litter

Remember that the first person to experience cat litter is always your cat. So if you love your cat, choose litter based on the cat's own experience.
The consensus is that 99% of cats' favorite are always bentonite sand.
Compared to the fluffy, clawless paper litter and tofu litter which smells more like food than toilet, cats naturally prefer bentonite. Bentonite's claw feel and smell are closest to the soil and gravel in the wild, which is the kindest smell in cats' genes and the most acceptable to most cats.
Also, avoid smelly litter.
Cats dislike almost all scents, and many scents are harmful to their health.
All the scented cat litter on the market is essentially designed to cater to the needs of the people.
It's like trying to cover the smell of feet with toilet water sprayed all over the house, or the perfume that makes you dizzy in the bathroom of a dive mall.
The combination of two pungent odors does not cancel out, but makes them even more unacceptable.
In addition, the cat's respiratory tract is very fragile, especially the weak house cats. It's easy to get respiratory diseases if you're not careful, and scented cat litter is definitely a respiratory killer.

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