How to Get Rid of Cat Litter Smell? Some Wrong Ideas About Choosing Cat Litter


To avoid the unpleasant smell of cat litter, many cat owners opt for scented litter.
In order to cater to human preferences, more and more cat litter on the market is setting scent as a selling point.
However, this is exactly the wrong idea, because the litter is essentially catering to human needs without considering the needs of cats.

The first “person” to experience litter is always your cat, so when choosing litter, make sure you put yourself in the cat's shoes.
While some cat litter does smell good to the human sense of smell, that's when it's not in use.
When the scented litter is mixed with cat poop, the smell is like someone trying to cover up foot odor with a cheap perfume, and the combination of the two pungent odors does not cancel out, but only makes them more unacceptable, a complete cover-up.

how to get rid of cat litter smell

What's more, it's not the smell of litter that matters, but the fact that cats dislike almost all scents, and many scents are actually bad for them.
Moreover, the respiratory tract of the cat is very fragile, especially the domestic cat with weak fitness, it is easy to get respiratory tract diseases, and the cat litter filled with fragrance is absolutely a killer of respiratory tract.

In response to the prevailing market trend, many bentonite cat litter also adds fragrance, which is completely self-defeating.
High-quality bentonite relies on fast clumping to lock up the smell in cat litter, which is naturally and efficiently deodorized. Adding extra fragrance to bentonite is not only a sign of lack of confidence in the product, but just another reason for cats to hate it.

So, when choosing cat litter, you just choose high-quality bentonite cat litter without fragrance, that is, good water absorption, fast agglomeration of cat litter is enough.

how to get rid of cat litter smell
The better the water absorption, the faster and stronger the litter clumps, the less urine odor will escape, the better the deodorization, and the more odor will be locked inside the litter, and the litter won't stick to the bottom of the litter box.
In addition, you can also consider the following tools to help you quickly block out odors:

Litter Genie pail (standard, plus and XL)

It’s very easy and nose-friendly to lock away litter and odors by Litter Genie pail. Just need 3 steps:
1. Scoop Litter
2. Open the lid on your Litter Genie and drop in clumps.
3. Close the lid and pull the handle to seal away germs and odors.

Lionpapa litter genie refill

The litter genie pail is very nice, but its refills are expensive. Here we have cheaper alternatives – Lionpapa litter genie refills with only $4.4/pack for your choice.
With a 11-layer Lionpapa refill to lock away odors, the Standard and Plus pails hold up to two weeks of soiled cat litter for one cat, while the XL pail holds up to three weeks of soiled cat litter for one cat, giving you more time back in your day.


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