Why Is My Cat Laying in the Litter Box and What to do?


Cats sleep in a variety of strange places. A cat's bed can be found in a cardboard box, under the covers, in a closet, in shoes, or in the bathtub.
The other clean places are fine, but I'm not laughing when I find out my cat often lays in the litter box, which is filthy and smelly.
When your cat has this habit, it's important to be aware of it as it can be a serious problem.
If your cat is always laying in the litter box, this blog will tell you several possible reasons and what to do with them.

why is my cat laying in the litter box


We all know that if a person sits on the toilet for too long, there must be something wrong, and cats are no different.
When a cat spends a lot of time in the litter box, it may be to make it easier to go to the toilet.
Urinary tract infections, bladder infections and kidney stones are among the main causes of cats' frequent toilet visits.
If you suspect your cat has been in the litter box because of illness, please don’t hesitate to take your cat to the vet quickly.

Feel unsafe

why is my cat laying in the litter box

The litter box may not smell very good, but for cats, it can be soothing in some situations.
The litter box can be a refuge for cats when they're in a new environment, because there are so many strange smells around them that cats are scared of, and only the smell in the litter box is familiar to them.
I remember when I first moved, one of our cats spent a day in the litter box.
In other cases, cats will take refuge in the litter box when your home environment changes, such as when you have a new cat or dog.
Don't worry too much about your cat in this situation, as it will become accustomed to the smell of its new environment and won't end up in the litter box.
But you should clean the litter box more carefully in this adaptation period as your cat spends much more time with the litter box.
If you feel it troublesome to clean cat litter every day, we proudly recommend you to take a try of Lionpapa cat litter refills. Coupled with Litter Genie pail, you can clean the litter very easily and no smell anymore.

Defend territory

why is my cat laying in the box

This happens more often in households with multiple cats.
If you have more than two cats, but only one litter box, when the dominant cat doesn't want to share the toilet with other cats, it will spend as long as possible in the litter box to defend its territory.
In other cases, the cat who is often bullied at home will also sleep in the litter box because it is afraid that once it leaves, it will never get a chance to come back.
So remember to have one more litter box than the number of cats in your home to prevent fights over the litter box or the habit of sleeping in the litter box.

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