How to Attract Cat to Litter Box? — Litter Box Issues


It is not surprising to see cats peeing out of their litter box. Reality has shown that up to 10% of all cats develop elimination issues in their lifetime.

Even cats can learn to use the litter box quickly, sometimes your feline friend needs your help. Luckily, there are a few ways to encourage your cat to use the litter.


6 ways to attract your cat to the litter box


Clean litter box often

It’s well known that cats are picky animals. They won’t use the litter box if it is not clean. Therefore, it is important that you clean the litter box for you and your cat. And wash it with warm water every one to two weeks.

In addition to cleaning, keep the litter box smelling fresh and protect your home against odors. Because you have to separate waste into groups and garbage trucks only come at specific times, how to store used cat litter can be a difficult problem.

A lot of customers recommend Litter Genie and Lionpapa’s generic Litter Genie refills which can help you seal the smell well.



Choose the right cat litter


The type of litter you select can determine your cat's attitude toward its litter.

Most cats don't favor cat litter which is easy on the toes. Sand-like cat litter is easier on cats’ paws. If you find your cat rubs its paws against the floor or other things, the cat litter is to blame. Change it into large, chunky pieces.

Some cats hate scented cat litter. Certain smells may prevent your cat from peeing in the litter box. If you are using scented cat litter and your cat shows low interest in the litter box, consider changing the type of cat litter.



Prepare enough litter boxes


Most experts suggest that you are supposed to prepare one more litter box than the number of the cats. Cats dislike sharing litter boxes and require privacy.

And separate the litter boxes into different parts of your home. Two litter boxes in the same area mean only one litter box for cats.



Make sure your cat feels comfortable in the litter box


First, the litter box should be large enough for your cat. If your cat’s hind or sticks out when using the litter box, your pal will be unwilling to go to the litter box.

Besides, full-sized litter boxes are too big and intimidating for small kittens. If your little cat is starting to learn to use the litter box, pick a small box that fits your cat’s size.

Last, it should be easy for cats to easily climb in and out.

Litter box with or without lids

Many cat owners may tend to pick litter boxes with lids as they can contain spillage and odors.

Some cats prefer the wide-open litter boxes for easy entry and exit. Others like litter boxes with lids especially if you keep multiple cats in your house. They need privacy provided by the lid to prevent other cats from picking on them.

Choose the one that your cat prefers.

Best place for litter box

After buying the litter box that fits your feline friend, where to place the litter box is another important part.

Don’t put the litter box nearby your cat’s food bowl. Cats won’t relieve themselves where they eat food. And noise can stop cats from using the litter box. Place it in a silent area in your house.

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